Watch Now: Jimmy and Mike Face the Consequences in the Season 3 Premiere

Posted by Marissa Shapiro on April 10, 2017

The Better Call Saul Season 3 Premiere picks up where the Season 2 Finale left off, with Jimmy confessing to Chuck that he manipulated the Mesa Verde files, in the hopes that his admission will make Chuck feel better. But even though Jimmy is prepared to move on after getting this dirty secret off of his chest, little does he know that Chuck’s just getting started with his revenge.

Meanwhile, out in the desert, where Mike was set up to take out Hector Salamanca, Mike finds someone has forced a stick against his car horn, and left a note that reads “Don’t.” Mike is understandably spooked and, after high-tailing it out there, he sets out on a complicated mission to find out who’s watching him.

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