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The Week Calls Saul One of 2016’s Best; Oregonian Spotlights Jimmy, Chuck Scene

This week, The Week commends Better Call Saul as one of the best shows of the year, while The Oregonian‘s favorite TV moments included Jimmy and Chuck. Plus, TVOvermind is ‘shipping Kim and Jimmy. Read on for more:

The Week hails Better Call Saul as one of 2016’s best: “In its second season, the show did what good spinoffs (like Frasier) do best: It generated its own tone and its own very particular, totally engrossing set of stakes.”

• One of TV’s best moments in 2016, according to The Oregonian, was a flashback with Jimmy and Chuck and their dying mother that “revealed just how long Chuck has felt envy and resentment toward his brother.”

• One of TVOvermind‘s favorite couples is Jimmy and Kim, who “have undeniable chemistry, and they are a perfect yin and yang of rule following and slipping up. It’s bound to not end well, but it’s still incredible to watch.”

The Salt Lake Tribune recommends a binge watch of Better Call Saul: “This spinoff of Breaking Bad is the best TV prequel ever.”

• The San Antonio Express-News names Better Call Saul one of its favorite shows, as Season 2 ended “with an enticing cliffhanger as well as hopes that this meticulously crafted prequel would keep us glued for years to come.”

Salt Lake City Weekly deems Better Call Saul one of the year’s best shows: “From hilarious to heartbreaking, Season 2 further transformed small-time Albuquerque lawyer Slippin’ Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) into legal shark Saul Goodman.” applauds Better Call Saul, which had “a personality all its own, more playful and a good deal less violent than Breaking Bad, with Bob Odenkirk making the early Saul Goodman a truly engaging figure.”

TVOvermind‘s top on-screen bingo scenes includes one from Better Call Saul, where a “bingo game becomes a pivotal point in [Jimmy’s] life, spurring him to change from a failing lawyer to the Saul of Breaking Bad that we all know and love.”

• Mark Proksch, speaking to the La Crosse (Wis.) Tribune, says of Better Call Saul, “I’d really like to go back because it’s such a fun show. I wasn’t killed, which is always a good sign.”

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