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TheWrap Suggests Binge-Watching Saul; Uproxx Thankful for Season 2

This week, TheWrap suggests binge-watching Better Call Saul, while Uproxx is thankful for Season 2. Plus, the show is one of The Week‘s top picks this year. Read on for more:

TheWrap suggests binge-watching Better Call Saul alone this holiday season: “We like [Bob] Odenkirk a lot, OK? Better Call Saul shows how the Breaking Bad star broke from his loved ones to become such a loner, not that you’re going in that direction, not at all.”

Uproxx is grateful for Season 2, noting, “I don’t know that I’ll ever think Better Call Saul is better than Breaking Bad, but it’s almost definitely a more enjoyable watch, and that counts for something.”

Better Call Saul is one of The Week‘s top picks, affirming that “even if the adventures of Walter White passed you by, there are lots of reasons to tune into this prequel about the show’s Saul Goodman, aka James Morgan ‘Jimmy’ McGill.”

Screener is thankful for the moment when Chuck betrayed Jimmy, explaining that “the finale scene with Chuck secretly recording Jimmy’s confession of his misdeeds was a devastating way to end.”

• Teasing Season 3 to Digital Trends, Peter Gould says simply, “The reckoning,” while Vince Gilligan calls it “satisfying.”

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