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Letters From Saul – Party ‘Til the Cows Come Home!

Throughout Season 2, you’ve received letters from the desk of Saul Goodman himself, full of hints, clues and Easter eggs for each new episode. Check back after the season finale to see if you’ve caught them all.

Dear Mr. Miller:

I’d love to be able to tell you that last weekend never happened. You rise and shine on your birthday to find your farm a fiasco and your cattle all cowering? Talk about a surprise party!

Sure, my client (the McKinney boy) was unconscious near your picked padlock and open cow gate, but before you pursue the lad with a lawsuit: Don’t. Instead, let’s stretch our legs, get some air, and find a solution that’ll save you acres and acres of trouble. Because the real prize for you here — big picture — is that city council seat you’ve got your eye on.

So let’s take action, turn Saturday’s little yard party into a “Minors for Miller” rally! We’ll get ‘em at the grass roots: a wayward young man at a crossroads, single parent, foreign to the strife and valor of the Greatest Generation’s hardworking man. With a little compassion, you could turn a careless high school kegger into the origin story of youth-inspiring Councilman Miller!

So, put out that ugly flame of revenge, protect young Alan McKinney from the crosshairs of your anger, and go boldly into your future as an elected official. (Hey, speaking of flames and futures, I heard about that crazy electrical fire that leveled your equipment shed last fall. Thank goodness insurance came through with all-new tractors and combines in time for harvest! It’d be a shame if they — God forbid — got wind of any reason to reopen your claim in the midst of your campaign!)

Almighty sitter on the highly revered city council seat? That’s your future, come voting time. Wouldn’t you agree? You would, and that’s why I think we need to sit down and talk (legal strategy, campaign strategy, you name it…).


Saul Goodman

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