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Peter Gould Chats With Independent; Vince Gilligan Plays Batman‘s Commissioner

This week, Peter Gould chats with The Independent, while Vince Gilligan plays the Commissioner in a Comedy Bang! Bang! episode. Plus, Kerry Condon and Julie Ann Emery discuss Better Call Saul. Read on for more:

The Independent interviews Peter Gould, who says, “Saul Goodman is an interesting guy on Breaking Bad because he keeps a low profile, but that’s in keeping with most of the successful criminals on that show.”

Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek of Vince Gilligan in an upcoming episode of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! where he guest-stars as the Commissioner in a Batman parody sketch.

• Ireland’s RTÉ Ten speaks with Kerry Condon, who talks about “Five-O,” saying that Mike is so “deadpan and shows no emotion, so that’s why I suppose that episode was so important, to show his backstory and show a bit of humanity to him.”

• Kerry Condon also talks to Ireland’s Sunday Independent, saying that Season 1 “went so quick, the 10 episodes totally flew. I only met the make-up girl randomly and she said we’re only going back in June… I can’t give anything away because I don’t even know yet!”

Seat42F chats with Julie Ann Emery, who says, “If the Kettlemans serve a purpose in helping Jimmy become Saul Goodman, then I would love to see that happen. I loved playing Betsy. What a gift of a character.”

Design & Trend argues why Better Call Saul‘s main characters are “MORE interesting than the leading characters in Breaking Bad.”

Fansided spotlights a fan-created Better Call Saul tribute, noting, “Things like this build up hype and anticipation for Better Call Saul‘s second season.”

BLOUIN ARTINFO labels Better Call Saul one of 2015’s best new shows, saying it “paints a vivid moodboard of character motivation and replicates the style and intensity of Breaking Bad, while injecting a dose of cosmic irony into Jimmy McGill’s story.”

Fansided highlights the influence of Slavko Vorkapich’s “hyper-kinetic visual stimulation” on the season finale’s Jimmy and Marco scam montage.

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