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USA Today, Rolling Stone, Time Feature New Saul Art, Teasers

breaking-bad-episode-313-saul-odenkirk-325This week, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Time and others feature new art and teasers for Better Call Saul. Plus, Los Angeles Magazine checks out Saul’s best Breaking Bad moments. Read on for more:

USA Today highlights new Better Call Saul art, in which Saul “stands at a beaten-down pay phone – the receiver hanging lifelessly – amid the stark beauty of the New Mexico desert,” and a teaser video featuring “a very dirty car going through a car wash” with a LWYRUP license plate.

Rolling Stone spotlights the latest Better Call Saul teaser, noting, “Atticus Finch was a crusader for justice and Lt. Daniel Kaffee proved he could handle the truth — but neither has the mug to prove that they’re the world’s greatest lawyer.” Time adds, “This brief teaser conveys a message Goodman himself would certainly endorse: the damaged goods on the bargain rack are preferable to their full-priced counterparts, intact as they may be.”

ScreenCrush takes a look at another teaser for Better Call Saul, calling it a “clever” new promo.

• Ahead of Better Call Saul‘s debut, Los Angeles Magazine takes a look back at Saul’s “best moments” on Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul is one of the TV shows that Moviefone can’t wait for in 2015, noting there “may be a nostalgia factor for Breaking Bad fans, but hopefully Saul can pick up new unique viewers too.”

Yahoo TV has “a first look at some of the characters you’ll be getting to know” on Better Call Saul.

• RJ Mitte, speaking with Den of Geek, advises viewers to let Better Call Saul “hold its own and tell its own story in its own way. And I think Bob Odenkirk will do that because Bob is an amazing character and has so much knowledge. He has so many different ways of bringing things to life.”

The Guardian praises Bob Odenkirk’s Fargo performance, saying he was “perfect as Saul Goodman’s better twin.”

AFP wonders if Albuquerque tourism will get a boost from Better Call Saul.

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