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THR Spotlights Saul Set Video; Bob Odenkirk Tells NYT What Saul Reads

This week, The Hollywood Reporter spotlights AMC’s video from the set of Better Call Saul. Plus, Bob Odenkirk tells The New York Times what he thinks Saul is reading. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter highlights AMC’s video from the Better Call Saul set that includes a tease of “some really nice surprises that Breaking Bad fans are just going to eat up.” Time also checks out the video.

• Bob Odenkirk, interviewed by The New York Times, thinks that Saul “‘reads men’s magazines while he’s waiting in line at the grocery store. All those law books in his office? Untouched! Except for the ones that have been excavated and now contain money, photos or disassembled guns.” attends a stop on Bob Odenkirk’s A Load of Hooey tour, pronouncing it “the best book tour ever.”

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