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HITC Wants More Mike in Saul; Adweek on Cinnabon’s Saul Tweet

This week, Here Is The City is lobbying for lots of Mike in Better Call Saul, while Adweek takes note of Cinnabon’s tweet about Saul’s future after Breaking Bad. Plus, Law360 says lawyers can learn from Saul’s ways. Read on for more:

• London’s Here Is The City shares the five things it hopes to see in Better Call Saul, including “lots of Mike” and “a glimpse of Gus.”

Adweek reports that Cinnabon tweeted a response to Saul’s lament that “If I’m lucky, in a month from now, best-case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.”

Law360 points out what can be learned from fictional lawyers like Saul, whose “peskiness and persistence could be beneficial traits for lawyers in the real world,” if harnessed correctly.

The New York Times review of Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories, an Adult Swim TV series, mentions Bob Odenkirk’s guest-star role as a doctor with a practice that consists entirely of amputating people’s toes. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times review calls Odenkirk “the most valuable man in basic cable.”

• Bob Odenkirk has signed with a publicity firm called 42West, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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