Season 4, Episode 7

Something Stupid

Jimmy expands his business, but runs into a problem that only Kim can solve. Gus intervenes in Hector's medical care. Mike deals with a setback.

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Full Recap

Kim and Jimmy brush their teeth side by side.

Over the course of ten months, Kim moves into her office at Schweikart & Cokely, she assists Mesa Verde with the expansion of three more branches, and continues her public defender work. Meanwhile, Jimmy completes his Pre-Prosecution and Diversion Program and sells prepaid phones in a vacant lot with Huell as his bodyguard, operating as Saul Goodman.

At home, Jimmy and Kim fall out of sync, continuing to live together while leading separate lives.

Jimmy takes Huell on a tour of a charming bungalow that he’s considering renting to house his future law firm, presumably with Kim as his partner. He asks Huell for his opinion on the space. Huell replies that he would work in a glass high-rise if he were a lawyer.

At the hospital, Dr. Bruckner asks Hector questions about a series of pictures and encourages him to answer “yes” or “no” by tapping his finger. Hector instead uses his finger to knock a cup of water off the table. As the nurse bends over to clean the water, Hector ogles her rear. Dr. Bruckner incorrectly attributes his movement to a muscle spasm.

Jimmy and Kim drive to an office mixer at Schweikart & Cokely. Kim urges Jimmy to relax and have fun. Kim introduces Jimmy to her colleagues. Jimmy schmoozes and charms everyone he meets.

Jimmy checks out Kim’s new office and sighs when he realizes it’s bigger and fancier than any office he could offer. He looks at a framed photo of Kim with a pro bono client and a letter of thanks.

Kim discusses the upcoming company retreat with Rich Schweikart and several associates. Schweikart proposes a ski trip in Taos. Jimmy stirs the pot by suggesting a luxury trip to Telluride or Aspen instead, despite Schweikart’s objections that they are too far away. Jimmy attracts a crowd as he embellishes his suggestions. Kim takes in Schweikart’s annoyance.

Jimmy and Kim ride back home in silence.

A laundry truck backs into the warehouse where Werner and his crew are living. Mike sits in the passenger seat.

The German workers trudge into the truck and shut the door. The truck drops the crew off at Gus’s industrial laundromat where employees are clocking out for the day. The German crew enters a concealed work space and descends a ladder into the construction zone.

Dr. Bruckner describes Hector’s progress to Gus at his house. Gus asks if Hector is still the man that he once knew. Dr. Bruckner remarks that it’s a difficult question to answer but emphasizes that Hector is becoming more responsive every day.

Dr. Bruckner shows Gus a video of Hector’s latest rehabilitation therapy session. Gus clocks Hector’s devious intention as he pushes the cup of water off the table to ogle the nurse. Gus smiles and tells Dr. Bruckner that he is satisfied enough with Hector’s progress to wrap up her assignment. Dr. Bruckner insists that Hector may talk and even walk some day if he receives proper treatment, but Gus suggests they temper their expectations.

Werner’s crew continues to labor at the construction site. A worker, Casper, destroys a concrete form by accidentally ramming a support beam with his front loader. Kai screams at Casper for delaying their progress. Werner barks at them in German and breaks up the fight.

Jimmy sells phones at the vacant lot. An undercover officer approaches Jimmy and says he found Jimmy’s business card on a drug dealer. He asks Jimmy to sell his phones to a different clientele, but Jimmy snidely refuses.

Huell listens to headphones while walking back from lunch. He sees the man angrily arguing with Jimmy and smacks him in the head. Jimmy tries to stop Huell by alerting him that the man is a cop, but it’s too late.

While Huell sits inside a police car. Jimmy tells the officer that Huell was unaware he was a cop, but the officer informs Jimmy that Huell has a record as he arrested him three years ago for pick-pocketing. Jimmy promises to stop selling phones in that spot, as the officer requested, but the officer ignores his belated plea.

Werner’s crew idles around the warehouse. Mike drops by and notices the malaise that has set in. He asks if it’s possible to send Kai back to Germany. Werner says that Kai is essential to his crew. Werner explains that the men need some rest and relaxation — and women — to rejuvenate them.

At the courthouse, Huell complains to Jimmy about his potential sentence and talks about leaving town. Jimmy urges him to stay put and promises to help Huell avoid jail time.

Jimmy visits Kim at work to ask for help with Huell’s case. She stares in disbelief upon learning that he’s been selling drop phones on the street under a pseudonym. Jimmy tells Kim that the arresting officer is a hothead that had a DUI years ago. He suggests they get the case dismissed by inebriating the cop and causing him to lose his cool in front of the judge. Kim agrees to help — but not by tearing a cop down.

At the courthouse, Kim implores the prosecutor, Suzanne Ericsen, to reduce Huell’s “excessive" sentence. Ericsen sternly notes that the sentence reflects the fact that Huell has a prior and that the only witness in Huell’s defense is a “scumbag disbarred lawyer who peddles drop phones to criminals.”

Kim calls Huell to set up a meeting. She finds Jimmy in the parking lot and says that Huell will have to serve some time. She urges him to advise Huell against skipping town. “You do your thing, I’ll do mine,” he says as he gets in his car.

Kim drives, deep in thought. She sees something out the window and makes a quick u-turn.

Kim walks into an office supply store and quickly piles copious amounts of paper and pens into a shopping cart. She calls Jimmy and tells him not to do whatever he is about to do. She says she has a better way.