Season 4, Episode 5

Quite a Ride

Jimmy identifies a new market for his talents; Mike vets a potential partnership; Kim drives a hard bargain.

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Full Recap

In a flash forward, Saul Goodman and Francesca frantically shred papers in Saul’s mini-mall based law office. Saul accesses a couple of secret compartments and retrieves a bowling bag filled with cash as well as a familiar Florsheim shoebox. He places both items in his blue luggage. He gives Francesca a couple of rolls of cash and asks that she dispose of the shredded paper in dumpsters far away from his office. He affirms that Francesca must be at a specific pay phone on November 12th at 3:00 PM to receive his call. He also gives her a mysterious business card presumably for a lawyer. After she leaves, he makes a phone call to the Disappearer to arrange for his hasty retreat/vacuum repair.

In the present, a customer enters CC Mobile after seeing Jimmy’s “PRIVACY SOLD HERE” sign. He asks if Jimmy’s signage is suggesting that his phones offer privacy from the IRS. Jimmy explains that disposable phones are perfect to aid “cash-based” businesses to steer clear of the IRS.

The customer leaves the store with half a dozen newly purchased prepaid phones.

Elsewhere, a man steps off a Denver airport shuttle and looks for a car in the parking lot. He spots the car and opens it with a key hidden in the wheel well. He finds a cell phone inside. Mike immediately calls and gives the man driving instructions.

The man drives down a remote, mountainous road and pulls over at a designated mile marker. Mike calls again and instructs him to put on a hood that is stowed in the trunk.

The man warily places the hood over his head and waits. Mike picks him up in a van and sits next to him for what he assures the man will be a long ride.

Mike escorts the man, who is a slick European engineer, into an industrial laundromat and removes his hood. The engineer inspects the space with a selection of high-tech devices and boasts to Mike that he can finish the job in six to seven months with no problem. Mike’s phone rings. “That’s what I thought,” Mike tells the caller.

The van returns the engineer back to his sedan on the remote mountain road with a ticket stuffed in his pocket for a return flight.

At the courthouse, Kim advises a pro-bono teenage client on how to behave in court. She approaches Assistant District Attorney Bill Oakley insisting on six months probation and no jail time. Bill refuses. Kim threatens to tell the judge that the arresting officers took part of her client’s statement before he was Mirandized — and that Bill was aware of it. She refuses Bill’s counter-offer of 10 months jail time.

Kim and Bill continue to bargain while waiting for the judge. Kim ups her demand to four months probation. Bill finally agrees under duress.

Following the court appearance, Kim’s client complains about having to answer to a probation officer for four months. Kim orders him to secure a job and stay clean, emphasizing that he will go to jail if he gets in trouble again.

At home, Kim declines Jimmy’s invitation to watch a movie as she has too much Mesa Verde work to catch up on. Jimmy starts the movie but quickly turns off the TV unsettled. He excuses himself to put in some late hours at CC Mobile.

At CC Mobile, Jimmy purchases a bulk load of prepaid phones and rings them up at the register. He pays for them with his own cash.

Jimmy tries to sell some of the prepaid phones to a trio of punks on a downtown street corner. They call him a narc and send him away.

Jimmy quickly visits his old office at the nail salon and picks out a more appropriate outfit.

Jimmy walks down the street in a track suit and starts selling burner phones to patrons at the Dog House restaurant. Business booms.

The Dog House crowd eventually disperses as an unruly motorcycle gang arrives. Jimmy lingers.

Likely at his peril, Jimmy approaches the biker gang and mentions that he used to provide legal services to people like them. He says that burner phones are easy to conceal in prison — and untraceable.

The gang rides off with new burner phones. As a satisfied Jimmy returns to his car, the young punks from earlier beat him up and steal his cash.

Kim wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Jimmy in the bathroom. Jimmy tells her he got mugged.

Kim gives Jimmy some ice for his injuries. Jimmy laments that back in the days of Slippin’ Jimmy, punks like these would have never dared to attack him. Jimmy wonders aloud at his choices. He agrees to call the shrink that she recommended.

The next day, Jimmy removes the sign that he painted on the CC Mobile store front.

Kim goes to the home of one of her public defender clients, Denise, to tell her that she pushed back her court appointment after Denise missed her hearing. Denise tells Kim that she’s afraid of going to jail.

Kim sits with Denise and gently convinces her to attend her court hearing. Kim’s phone rings but she ignores it. Denise goes inside to change her clothes for court.

Kim’s phone rings again. Paige tells Kim that they need her immediately to fix a major filing error at Mesa Verde. Kim tells Paige that she isn’t available until 4 o’clock and hangs up on her.

Later, Kim arrives at Mesa Verde. Paige informs Kim that the mistake was fixed but that she had to pull numerous employees to address the error. She reminds Kim of her promise to focus exclusively on Mesa Verde. A chastened Kim vows that this situation will not repeat itself.

Mike rides in the van with another hooded engineer, Werner.

Mike removes Werner’s hood in the laundromat. A disheveled Werner carefully inspects the space and describes all the work that would be necessary to finish the project. He warns that many things could go wrong. Gus enters the room and asks if the job is impossible. Werner says it’s dangerous, difficult and very expensive, but not impossible. Gus officially introduces himself. Werner is hired!

Jimmy arrives at the courthouse for a monthly pre-prosecution diversion (PPD) meeting.

Jimmy runs into a very haggard Howard, who explains that he has insomnia. Jimmy asks what’s been troubling Howard. Howard starts to explain, but then says that he’s shared enough with Jimmy. Jimmy suggests Howard see a shrink. Howard says that he’s already seeing a therapist twice a week.

Howard departs and Jimmy flushes the therapist’s phone number down a toilet.

Jimmy’s PPD Supervisor reviews Jimmy’s progress and asks Jimmy if he’s associating with known criminals. Jimmy says no. The officer asks Jimmy what he plans to do when his probation is up. Jimmy confidently describes his goals of getting back into law and building a bigger and better practice with Kim.