Season 4, Episode 4


A restless Jimmy embarks on a new endeavor while Mike burns bridges. Kim pursues her bliss. Nacho tries to survive a turf war.

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Full Recap

In a flashback to Philadelphia, circa 1970s, 6-year-old Matty Ehrmantraut watches a younger Mike lay down concrete outside their house in an effort to build a carport. Mike gives Matty a stick to write his name in the drying cement.

In the present, Mike sits at his grief support group next to Stacey. “You wanted me to talk, I talked,” he says to the stunned circle.

One of Gus’s men arrives at a rundown motel compound and delivers meth to a drug dealer who is well guarded and surrounded by revelers and drug-users. Gus’s man returns to his car and rides off with Victor.

Back at Kim’s apartment, a sleepy Jimmy receives a phone call from Robbie at CC Mobile, offering him a sales position. Jimmy informs Robbie that he can no longer take the job.

Kim gets ready for work, and, after some thought, peels a page from a small notepad.

Kim approaches Jimmy while he shaves and carefully suggests he see a therapist about Chuck’s death. She hands him the note, which contains a recommended therapist’s contact information. Jimmy briefly thanks her then tells her that he landed a job in cell phone sales.

Jimmy calls Robbie back and takes the job.

Kim arrives at the courthouse and asks a security guard for a list of cases coming up that day.

Kim sits in the back of a courtroom as proceedings begin for a case. Judge Munsinger notices and asks why she is there. Kim says that she is just observing. Munsinger whispers something to the bailiff, who in turns whispers to Kim that Munsinger would like to see her in his chambers.

Kim visits Munsinger during his lunch hour, and, when asked, informs him that she is now a solo practitioner, primarily representing Mesa Verde Bank. Munsinger tells Kim that momentous cases only happen in movies and that most cases in the real world are mundane at best. He cautions her against trying to rediscover her love for the law in his courtroom and threatens to assign her to public defender cases if he sees her again.

After the lunch court recess, Munsinger returns to his bench and sees that Kim is still in the courtroom.

Anita meets Mike at his regular diner for lunch and mentions her concern for Henry, a member of their support group. Mike says that Henry’s stories about his dead wife are constantly changing and concludes that Henry does not, in fact, have a dead wife. He says that Henry rubs his wrist every time he lies and makes a friendly bet with Anita that Henry will lie again that night.

Jimmy begins his first day at CC Mobile but receives zero customers in the shop. Robbie calls to check in. Jimmy, desperate not to be alone with his thoughts. requests a transfer to a busier branch, but Robbie suggests they wait it out a few weeks.

Marco and Leonel Salamanca spy on the nearby rundown motel with Nacho. Nacho identifies a silver Firebird out front as the car that ran him and Arturo off the road. The Salamanca brothers stride into the motel and shoot everyone in sight. A truck pulls up with reinforcements. Concerned for the Salamanca brothers’ safety and thus his own, Nacho kills one of the shooters then proceeds into the motel where he finds the brothers seemingly cornered and under attack in one of the rooms. Nacho tries to help but doubles over in pain from his previous wounds. Marco secretly escapes the room and guns the remaining men down. Leonel then emerges from the besieged motel room unharmed with bag in hand.

Later, Gus meets with Nacho in an empty, abandoned warehouse. Nacho informs him that the Salamancas succeeded in clearing out the Espinosa headquarters. He guesses that Gus is eliminating the Espinosas so that the cartel will give the Espinosa territory to Gus, given the state of disarray in the Salamanca clan. Gus does not answer and advises Nacho to rest, telling him that he has more to do.

At the grief support group, Stacey shares that she didn’t think about Matty all morning and worries that she will one day forget him. Henry then talks about his loss. Mike snorts and accuses Henry of inventing his dead wife. Stacey and Anita try to calm Mike down but he keeps building his case against Henry, and, by extension, the entire support group . Henry runs out of the room. “You wanted me to talk, I talked,” Mike says.

Nacho’s father arrives home and finds Nacho huddled in his living room. He sees Nacho’s wounds and starts to call 9-1-1. Nacho tells him it’s unsafe to draw attention from authorities, then asks to rest for a while.

Mike tours a Madrigal warehouse with a foreman as part of a surprise inspection. He receives a call from Stacey on his cell phone but doesn’t pick up. A voice on the P.A. alerts Mike that he has a call.

Mike picks up a phone on the floor. Victor informs him that Gus wants to meet…tonight.

Jimmy looks at his watch and closes the cell phone shop for a break.

Jimmy meets Ira at his day job, restocking vending machines. Ira gives Jimmy a large wad of cash from the Hummel sale and says that the Hummel started a bidding war. He asks if Jimmy has any other Hummel jobs. Jimmy says he doesn’t.

Jimmy follows Ira outside and says he will find another job for them to collaborate on. Ira tells Jimmy to contact him through the vet, explaining that he gets a new phone with every new job. “You never know who’s listening,” he says, giving Jimmy an idea.

Jimmy returns to the CC Mobile store and paints a message on the window: “IS THE MAN LISTENING? PRIVACY SOLD HERE.”

Gus meets with Mike and accuses him of withholding his knowledge of Nacho’s plot against Hector. An amped up Mike points out that he is not Hector’s bodyguard, and fearlessly tells Gus’s men to make a move if they’re going to make one. He suspects that Gus has a job for him and insists Gus get to his point.