Season 4, Episode 3

Something Beautiful

Jimmy puts a risky plan into motion. As alliances shift, Nacho finds himself in the crosshairs. Kim contemplates her future.

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Full Recap

Victor lays a spike strip across a desert road. He drives Arturo’s car over the spikes, destroying the tires.

Another car slowly drives down the same desert road. In the passenger seat, Tyrus spreads shattered glass along the path of Arturo’s car.

Nacho is revealed in the driver’s seat as Victor signals for him to exit the vehicle.

Victor and Tyrus put Arturo’s dead body in the driver’s seat of his car then shoot up the car and Arturo’s body.

Nacho gets in the passenger seat of Arturo’s car and braces himself as Victor shoots him once in the shoulder. Nacho exits the car then asks if he can make the phone call. Instead, Victor takes Nacho by surprise and shoots him in the abdomen in order to make the attack look real. Tyrus returns Nacho’s phone so that he alert the Cartel that he’s been hit.

Meanwhile, Jimmy meets Mike at a diner and describes his plan to steal a Hummel figurine from Neff Copiers, replace it with a look-a-like, and sell it at a collectors’ convention for a hefty profit. Jimmy insists it will be an easy job. Mike, however, passes after offering Jimmy his condolences over Chuck’s recent death.

Jimmy then calls Dr. Caldera to schedule an appointment for his “sick fish.”

Marco and Leonel Salamanca arrive at Arturo’s car on the remote road and find Arturo dead inside it. They follow a trail of blood and discover Nacho lying in the brush, barely conscious.

The cousins inspect Nacho’s wounds in their SUV. Nacho says his attackers were driving a silver car, possibly a Firebird.

The cousins torch Arturo’s car and leave the scene with an ailing Nacho.

Kim arrives at Mesa Verde with her new paralegal, Viola. They meet with Paige to discuss a legal strategy for the company. Kevin checks in and invites Kim to see a room full of building models representing new branches to come, spanning several cities and states.

Kevin describes his vision for a massive expansion. An overwhelmed Kim remarks that the expansion is “aggressive.”

Later, Kim stares at the cowboy sculpture in the Mesa Verde lobby, lost in thought, then asks Viola to drop her off at the courthouse.

At Dr. Caldera’s office, Jimmy stands by as Dr. Caldera talks to one of his contractors on the phone. Dr. Caldera tells Jimmy that his associate is not interested in taking on the Hummel job. Jimmy takes the phone and persuades the contractor to change his mind.

Jimmy checks out at the front desk. A Salamanca cousin walks into Dr. Caldera’s office as Jimmy leaves.

The cousin brings Dr. Caldera to Nacho in his SUV. Dr. Caldera goes to get his bag so that they he can treat Nacho in a more discreet location.

Nacho wakes up in the SUV. Dr. Caldera sticks him with a syringe.

Later, Dr. Caldera and the Salamanca cousins carry Nacho out of the car and lay him down on a table in the garage where Hector conducts business. Dr. Caldera sews up Nacho’s wounds following a blood transfusion.

Dr. Caldera gives Nacho instructions to care for his wounds. He leans in close and quietly tells Nacho that working with the Cartel is too dangerous for him and that he never wants to see Nacho again.

Elsewhere, Ira, Dr. Caldera’s contractor and the future proprietor of Vamonos Pest, breaks into Neff Copiers in the middle of the night and quickly finds the desired Hummel in Mr. Neff’s office. As he replaces it with a stand-in Hummel, Mr. Neff emerges from the bathroom, forcing Ira to hide under Mr. Neff’s desk. Mr. Neff tries to sleep on the couch. Unable to sleep, he calls his wife and begs to return home. His wife hangs up on him. Mr. Neff then orders a pizza.

Ira calls Jimmy at home and asks for help extricating himself while Mr. Neff claims his delivery pizza. Ira goes back into hiding when Mr. Neff returns.

Later, while eating pizza, Mr. Neff hears his car alarm triggered outside. He turns off the alarm with his key fob and returns to his office before Ira has a chance to escape.

Jimmy devises a new plan and breaks into Mr. Neff’s car with a wire hanger. The alarm goes off again.

This time, Mr. Neff steps outside and sees his car rolling away. He chases after it, allowing Ira the chance to escape.

Jimmy joins up with Ira. Ira praises Jimmy’s quick thinking and says he got the Hummel.

The next day, Juan Bolsa calls Gus to inform him that someone hit the Salamancas on their way back from a drug pickup. He instructs Gus to run dummy shipments while he investigates the attack and to temporarily find a local supplier so that his dealers don’t run out of product. Gus reminds Bolsa that Don Eladio forbids them from buying from outsiders. Bolsa assures Gus not to worry about Eladio.

Gus cheerfully walks into a chemistry building on a college campus. He enters a graduate laboratory.

Inside, chemist Gale Boetticher informs Gus that his meth samples ranged from 39 percent to 58 percent pure, with the exception of one sample, which measured 67 percent. He gives the 67 percent sample to Gus then offers to cook much higher grade meth surreptitiously in the college lab. Gus gently turns down the offer, assuring Gale that he’s meant for better things.

At home, Kim briefs Jimmy on her visit with Howard and hands him the letter from Chuck. He reads it aloud as he chomps on cereal. In the letter, Chuck expresses his heartfelt support for Jimmy despite any differences they’ve had. Jimmy remains unmoved by the letter but is surprised to find Kim tearing up. Jimmy tries to console her but she goes to her room alone to collect herself.