Season 4, Episode 2


Jimmy seeks new employment. Gus navigates the fallout from Hector's collapse. Kim endeavors to support Jimmy in the wake of Chuck's death.

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Full Recap

A doctor snoops around Hector’s hospital room in the middle of the night. He reads Hector’s medical chart while Victor stands watch.

The doctor then meets Gus in a parked car and explains that Hector is still unresponsive. He suggests that a hospital such as Johns Hopkins might offer better care but hints that Hector deserves this fate. Gus declares that he, and no one else, will decide what Hector deserves.

The next morning, Kim is woken up by the sound of a juicer.

Jimmy makes juice in the kitchen and gets ready to embark on a day of job interviews per his PPD obligation. He informs Kim that he will not attend a meeting with Howard that day to discuss Chuck’s estate.

Nacho visits his father at the upholstery shop to let him know that he is now safe from Hector. Mr. Varga returns Hector’s cash bribe to Nacho and asks when Nacho will be safe. Nacho says he’s working on it.

Jimmy interviews for a sales job at Neff Copiers. Jimmy recognizes a Hummel figurine in a display case as Henry, the second in command, shows him around the executive office. Mr. Neff reads Jimmy’s resume and notes that his background is in law. Jimmy maintains that the skills of persuasion required of a lawyer are similar to those of a salesman. Mr. Neff and Henry promise to give Jimmy a decision within a week.

Jimmy thanks the duo and starts to leave the building. After some thought, he returns to Mr. Neff and Henry and puts forth an impressive argument for why they should hire him on the spot rather than wait a week. Mr. Neff and Henry confer then excitedly offer him the job. Jimmy then admonishes them for hiring him so impulsively and declines the job, leaving them in utter confusion.

Jimmy returns to his car and consults the “help wanted” ads. He makes a phone call to line up another job interview.

Mike gets a phone call while watching Kaylee at the park. He agrees to a meet.

Later, Mike arrives in a hotel conference room to talk with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle from Madrigal Electromotive. She demands an explanation for his unannounced visit to Madrigal in Las Cruces. He explains that showing his face at Madrigal will provide a better cover for his purported role as “security consultant.” Lydia asks him to refrain from further visits, but Mike makes it clear that he is not comfortable with having this job only on paper.

Hector’s nephews, Marco and Leonel Salamanca, stand by Hector’s hospital bed as Dr. Bruckner, a renowned specialist from Johns Hopkins, takes over for Hector’s current doctor after the hospital receives an unexpected grant. Dr. Bruckner explains to the Salamanca brothers that she will stimulate Hector’s brain in the hopes that it will rewire itself.

Nacho and Arturo arrive at the hospital and see “the cousins” in Hector’s room. Arturo assures Nacho that they are still in charge.

Dr. Bruckner explains to Nacho, Arturo and the cousins that Hector can probably still hear them. She encourages them to speak to Hector to foster brain activity. At the cousins’ stern urging, Arturo and Nacho talk to Hector and assure him that business is going well.

Lydia calls Gus to complain about Mike and the disruptions he has caused at Madrigal. Gus vouches for Mike and advises her to give him a security badge.

Tyrus debriefs Gus on Hector’s condition and describes who came and went from his hospital room that day. Gus reads Hector’s medical report and tells Tyrus to arrange a meeting with Victor.

Kim takes a taxi to HHM.

Rebecca signs paperwork in Howard’s office to settle her portion of Chuck’s estate. Kim arrives on Jimmy’s behalf. Rebecca suggests Jimmy pick through Chuck’s house and take anything he wants. Kim says that Jimmy does not want any of Chuck’s belongings, then bristles at the paltry $5,000 that Chuck left for Jimmy. Howard gives her a letter that Chuck wrote to Jimmy. After Rebecca leaves, Kim yells at Howard for unloading his guilt on Jimmy on the day of Chuck’s funeral. Howard insists he was not trying to hurt Jimmy and asks how he can make it better. Kim tells him that he can’t make it better and to stay away.

Jimmy arrives home with takeout. Kim hides Chuck’s letter. They sit down to watch a movie, and, Kim, in an effort to connect, initiates sex.

Jimmy wakes up in the middle of the night and researches Hummel figurines on his computer. He finds the same figurine from Neff Copiers on sale for $8,740. He calls Mike and leaves a message about a potential job. With that settled he can sleep!

Nacho and Arturo park at a familiar Los Pollos Hermanos warehouse. Arturo warns Nacho that he’s going to demand six bags of meth from Gus’s men and asks Nacho to back him up.

Nacho and Arturo meet with Tyrus and Victor to pick up the meth. Arturo sees five bags of meth on the table and demands one more. Victor points out that Hector is barely alive and no longer giving orders. Nacho takes out his gun and demands six bags. Victor gives them a sixth bag.

Gus, Victor, Tyrus, and his men ambush Nacho and Arturo on their way back to the car. Gus ties a plastic bag around Arturo’s head and suffocates him to death as Nacho is forced to watch. Gus reveals that he knows that Nacho compromised Hector’s medication thus causing his stroke, but that the Salamancas do not know…yet. “From now on, you are mine,” Gus tells Nacho.