Season 1, Episode 2


As his troubles escalate to a boiling point, Jimmy finds himself in dire straits. An act of carelessness puts Chuck at risk.

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Full Recap

Tuco stands in his grandmother’s kitchen, chopping peppers with an intimidating knife. It’s several minutes before the end of Episode 101, and Jimmy has not yet arrived on the scene. Tuco’s reverie is broken by a commotion at the front door: His grandmother has entered the house, followed by foul-mouthed skate rats Cal and Lars. The twins accuse the “bizznatch” of breaking Cal’s leg, and threaten to call the police if they don’t receive proper restitution. Tuco soothes his beloved, flustered grandmother and gently sends her upstairs to watch TV. As soon as she’s out of sight, he turns to the twins and savagely strikes them to the ground with his grandmother’s cane.

A little while later, there’s a knock at the door. The twins are nowhere in sight, and Tuco is scrubbing an ominous red stain out of the carpet. Tuco opens the door and forces a terrified Jimmy inside the house at gunpoint. Jimmy identifies himself as Cal and Lars’ lawyer; he was merely summoned to help them with a small accident. Obviously, it was all one big misunderstanding. He promises that he and his “moronic clients” will disappear and keep their lips sealed. Swayed by his rationalization, Tuco brings Jimmy to where the brothers are tied up on the floor of his garage. He hands Jimmy a knife -- he’s actually going to let them all go! That is, until frightened Lars blurts out that Jimmy was the mastermind behind their whole scam. Once again, Tuco levels his gun at Jimmy. So much for the easy way out.

Out in the desert, Tuco and his guys -- Nacho, Gonzo, and No-Doze -- stand guard over Jimmy and the twins. Tuco grills the hog-tied attorney: “Who are you? Why are you after me?!”  Jimmy insists that he’s just a lawyer who was trying to win over clients that had stolen $1.6 million from the county treasury. Tuco doesn’t believe Jimmy, but his right-hand man, Nacho, does. Nacho warns Tuco that killing lawyers is bad for business. Reluctantly, Tuco lets Jimmy walk free, but still plans to mortally punish Cal and Lars for insulting his dear abuelita. Using all the bargaining skills he can muster, brave Jimmy convinces Tuco to break one of each of the brothers’ legs instead of killing them. Tuco agrees, snapping their bones as Jimmy looks on in horror.

Jimmy rushes the injured twins to an urgent care facility. In agony, Lars wails that Jimmy is “the worst lawyer ever.” Noting that he just talked down their sentence from the death penalty, Jimmy counters: “I’m the best lawyer ever.”

Later that evening, Jimmy flirts with an attractive woman at an upscale bar. The drinks are flowing, and Jimmy is a man doing well... until he catches sight of someone snapping breadsticks across the room. The sound of the sudden, forceful cracking makes Jimmy wince, and the events of the day finally catch up with him. He runs off to the men’s room, sick to his stomach.

Jimmy eventually winds up at Chuck’s house, where he drunkenly takes off his slacks and passes out in the living room. Chuck follows behind him, and notices Jimmy left his cell phone in the pocket of his pants instead of depositing it in the mailbox outside as usual. Dismayed, he grabs a pair of tongs and anxiously flings the phone out the front door and onto the lawn. When he returns, he also discovers the urgent care bill that Jimmy paid to treat Lars and Cal’s broken legs.

The next morning, Jimmy awakens to find Chuck engulfed in a reflective blanket made of mylar foil – the kind that repels radiation. Realizing that his brother stumbled upon the suspicious-looking medical bill, Jimmy assumes that his antics are the cause of Chuck’s suffering. He promises Chuck that he isn’t backsliding into the days of “Slippin’ Jimmy,” and implores his brother to take off the space blanket. Hesitantly, Chuck acquiesces.

More determined than ever to stay on the straight and narrow, Jimmy sheepishly returns to the courthouse to request more overflow cases from the public defender’s office. He spends his days in the courthouse bowels, representing a parade of unsavory characters, horse-trading with the opposing counsel over various cases, and exchanging furtive smiles with Kim whenever their paths cross. Meanwhile, Mike continues to stonewall him for coming up short on parking stickers.

After yet another long day in court, Jimmy retreats to his cramped office, where he receives an unexpected visit from Nacho. Tuco’s cunning henchman offers Jimmy a hefty finder’s fee if he can help Nacho steal the Kettlemans’ ill-gotten gains. “I’m a lawyer, not a criminal,” Jimmy protests. Nacho leaves his phone number, just in case.