• Mike Selearis: <br>The Chemistry Teacher
    Mike Selearis:
    The Chemistry Teacher
    Mike Selearis of the New York City Arms Control uses both arms to challenge opponents at the arm wrestling table. The high school teacher stands 5'10" tall and weighs 205 lb, with a bicep of 17".

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  • Allen Fisher:<br>The Preacher
    Allen Fisher:
    The Preacher
    Allen Fisher prefers his right arm when pulling for the Sacramento Arm Benders. His signature move is the 30-Degree Sweep. Fisher is a 26-time world champion who has been arm wrestling for three decades.

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Mike Selearis: <br>The Chemistry Teacher
Allen Fisher:<br>The Preacher
Kenny Hughes:<br>The Raw Power
Rob Bigwood:<br>The Vegan
Travis Bagent: <br>The Mouth of the South
Chop Bertrand: <br>The Fisherman
Cobra Rhodes:<br>The Zen Master
Ethan Fritsche: <br>The Prodigy
Bill Logsdon:<br>The Hunter
Don Underwood: <br>The Biker
Dave Chaffee:<br>The Prison Guard
Nick Zinna:<br>The Farmer
Kevin Nelson:<br>The Bodyguard
Bart Wood: <br>The Comeback King
Craig Tullier: <br>The Oil Worker
Turbo Borrow:<br>The Entrepreneur
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