• <i>All Quiet on the Western Front</i> (WWI)
    All Quiet on the Western Front (WWI)
    In his novel, on which this film is based, former German soldier Erich Maria Remarque describes "men who, even though they may have escaped its shells, were destroyed by the war." War is presented as futile and senseless, its real villains those who incite young men to fight for the glory of the fatherland.
  • <i>Wings</i> (WWI)
    Wings (WWI)
    The Best Picture winner at the very first Academy Awards presentation, Wings starred Clara Bow and had a huge (for the period) budget of $2 million. The production had the cooperation of the U.S. Department of War, and one reviewer called the airborne-combat sequences the "next best thing to a real sky ride."
<i>All Quiet on the Western Front</i> (WWI)
<i>Wings</i> (WWI)
<i>Paths of Glory</i> (WWI)
<i>Das Boot</i> (WWII)
<i>The Dirty Dozen</i> (WWII)
<i>MASH</i> (Korean War)
<i>Saving Private Ryan</i> (WWII)
<i>The Longest Day</i> (WWII)
<i>Sands of Iwo Jima</i> (WWII)
<i>The Thin Red Line</i> (WWII)
<i>Braveheart</i> (First War of Scottish Independence)
<i>Glory</i> (Civil War)
<i>Platoon</i> (Vietnam War)
<i>Apocalypse Now</i> (Vietnam War)
<i>Full Metal Jacket</i> (Vietnam War)
<i>Three Kings</i> (First Gulf War)
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