• Police Inspector Harry Callahan, <i>Dirty Harry</i>
    Police Inspector Harry Callahan, Dirty Harry
    Eastwood's gritty, iconic detective confronts killers alone, berates them with zingers ("Go ahead -- make my day"), and then kills them or hands them over to less ballsy cops. He also talks in the first-person plural -- with "we" referring to himself and his .44 Magnum.
  • Private Kelly, <i>Kelly's Heroes</i>
    Private Kelly, Kelly's Heroes
    Because killing Germans isn't enough, a demoted Kelly decides to rob their bank, too -- friendly fire be damned. Eastwood dazzles under the netted WWII helmet as he defies protocol and drags his motley crew of recruits into danger -- and the rich life.
Police Inspector Harry Callahan, <i>Dirty Harry</i>
Private Kelly, <i>Kelly's Heroes</i>
William Munny, <i>Unforgiven</i>
Frank Morris, <i>Escape From Alcatraz</i>
Man With No Name, <i>A Fistful of Dollars</i>
Josey Wales, <i>The Outlaw Josey Wales</i>
Frankie Dunn, <i>Million Dollar Baby</i>
Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan, <i>In the Line of Fire</i>
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