• Tyrannosaurus Rex, <i>Land of the Lost</i> (2009)
    Tyrannosaurus Rex, Land of the Lost (2009)
    Who's that stealing all of Will Ferrell's scenes? The most popular monster that ever lived, that's who. Flashing those 8-inch teeth and terrorizing Sleestaks and scientists alike, the T-Rex brings more voracious hunger and pure brutality to a brawl than anything present-day humans will ever encounter... we hope.
  • King Kong, <i>King Kong</i>  (2005)
    King Kong, King Kong (2005)
    You don't get to be king of Skull Island by being a pushover. Every time this 25-foot primate turns around, some airplane or hungry dinosaur is challenging his authority - a challenge Kong answers with four flying fists and more bone-splitting strength than even he knows what to do with.
Tyrannosaurus Rex, <i>Land of the Lost</i> (2009)
King Kong, <i>King Kong</i>  (2005)
Spinosaurus, <i>Jurassic Park III</i>  (2001)
Velociraptor, <i>Jurassic Park</i>   (1993)
Pteranodon, <i>One Million Years BC</i>  (1967)
Sabretooth Cat, <i>10,000 BC</i>  (2008)
Rhedosaurus, <i>The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms</i>  (1953)
Mantis, <i>The Deadly Mantis</i> (1957)
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