• Darth Vader, <i>Star Wars</i>
    Darth Vader, Star Wars
    There are darker forces guiding Vader (James Earl Jones) than ambition. Human traits like that were stamped out long ago. Hell, he'd kill his own children to control the universe. And don't bother running. He can choke you in thin air.
  • Green Goblin, <i>Spider-Man</i>
    Green Goblin, Spider-Man
    Industrialist Norman Osborn (Willem Defoe) trades in his pinstripe suit for body-armor when he's going Goblin. Besides being super-strong, he's a crack shot with a pumpkin bomb. Head for cover, especially if you're Spidey.
Darth Vader, <i>Star Wars</i>
Green Goblin, <i>Spider-Man</i>
Magneto, <i>X-Men</i>
Saruman, <i>The Lord of the Rings</i>
The Joker, <i>The Dark Knight</i>
The Terminator, <i>Terminator</i>
Voldemort, <i>Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix</i>
White Witch, <i>The Chronicles of Narnia</i>
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