• Permian High Panthers, <i>Friday Night Lights</i>
    Permian High Panthers, Friday Night Lights
    For the Panthers, Gary Gaines (Billy Bob Thornton) is more than a coach. Extending his watchful eye beyond the playing field, he's the father each player has always wanted. Fight one, and you fight the whole family.
  • West Canaan High Coyotes, <i>Varsity Blues</i>
    West Canaan High Coyotes, Varsity Blues
    You might think these small-town Texas boys only have brute strength going for them, but there's honor too: refusing to play in abusive conditions, they call their own plays when leadership fails. Who'd challenge their moral authority?
Permian High Panthers, <i>Friday Night Lights</i>
West Canaan High Coyotes, <i>Varsity Blues</i>
T.C. Williams High Titans, <i>Remember the Titans</i>
Marshall University Thundering Herd, <i>We Are Marshall</i>
Notre Dame Fighting Irish, <i>Rudy</i>
Texas State University Fighting Armadillos, <i>Necessary Roughness</i>
Central High Wildcats, <i>Wildcats</i>
Little Giants, <i>Little Giants</i>
Mean Machine, <i>The Longest Yard</i> (1974)
Mean Machine, <i>The Longest Yard</i> (2005)
North Dallas Bulls, <i>North Dallas Forty</i>
Duluth Bulldogs, <i>Leatherheads</i>
South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs, <i>The Waterboy</i>
East Stroudsburg University Timberwolves, <i>The Program</i>
Miami Sharks, <i>Any Given Sunday</i>
Washington Sentinels, <i>The Replacements</i>
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