• <b>Robert Duvall</b>
    Robert Duvall
    (True Grit, Geronimo, Open Range, Lonesome Dove, Broken Trail...)
    He's been playing cowboys since the 1960s -- generally of the white hat variety. His characters are often the first to tip his hat to a lady, advise a young recruit, and pass the moonshine 'round the campfire.
  • <B>Kris Kristofferson</B>
    Kris Kristofferson
    (Heaven's Gate, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Lone Star)
    Kristofferson has drawled and spit in a number of big screen movies, but he's kept the cowboy alive with small screen credits such as Another Pair of Aces, Outlaw Justice and The Tracker.
<b>Robert Duvall</b>
<B>Kris Kristofferson</B>
<b>Kevin Costner</b>
<b>Kevin Kline</b>
<b>Tommy Lee Jones</b>
<B> Kurt Russell </b>
<B>Tom Selleck</B>
 <B>Viggo Mortensen</b>
 <B>Clint Eastwood </B>
<B>Scott Glenn </b>
<B>Val Kilmer </B>
<B>Sam Shepard</b>
<B>Dennis Quaid</b>
<B>Russell Crowe</B>
<B>Emilio Estevez</B>
<B>Lou Diamond Phillips</B>
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