AMC Networks Game Streaming Policy

Last updated: September 25, 2020

This Game Streaming Policy (this “Streaming Policy”) governs your production and/or streaming of Videos (as defined below) with respect to games owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc. and its United States-based affiliate and subsidiary companies (together, “AMC” or “we” and sometimes “us”) and anywhere else where this Streaming Policy is posted.


We hope that you enjoy our games and support your interest in producing game-play videos, whether live or recorded (“Videos”), that share your gaming experiences with others, using images, video, sound effects, in-game music or other assets from our games (“Content”). Please note however, that in most cases using our Content without our permission is illegal and a violation of our rights. This policy helps inform you of the limited rights we grant you to share your experience with our Content with the public in your Videos.

Your use of our Content in Videos must be limited to non-commercial purposes, except as expressly stated under this Streaming Policy:

You may only use our Content in your Videos for non-commercial uses, except as we expressly state under this Streaming Policy. As such, you may not license your Video which leverages our Content to any company or anyone else for a fee or other form of compensation or for any other commercial use without first receiving our written authorization to do so. Note that we reserve the right to use Videos for commercial purposes. Further, any of your Videos that leverage our Content must contain commentary, gameplay, or sufficient originality to make it, in our sole discretion, educational or promotional. Examples of Videos that would NOT qualify under this policy are clips of cut-scenes from games or recordings of a particular game’s soundtrack (without any commentary discussing the cut-scene or soundtrack).

We do however permit you to receive payment based on the following two methods, provided you comply with the other portions of this Streaming Policy:

  • Monetization of your Video that leverages our Content through advertisements served by the platform which hosts your Video such as YouTube or Twitch (a “Platform”).
  • Receiving donations via a donation link posted on your profile or in the Video description on a Platform.

How you may distribute your Video:

Subject to the terms of the applicable End User License Agreement (the “EULA”) and this Streaming Policy, you may create Videos using our Content, and you’re free to distribute such Videos on websites where viewers are permitted to view these Videos without any charge of any kind. We understand that some websites may offer paid services. Provided that the website that hosts these Videos provides a free method to allow viewers to view them, you may distribute the Videos on that website.

What you may not include in your Video that leverages our Content:

You may not include in any Video (nor anywhere linked near or on the same webpage as the Video) any content that is prohibited User Content under the EULA or any of the following:

  • Anything that could imply that the Video is produced by us or that we endorse you or your Video (unless you have an endorsement relationship with us as covered by a separate written or other agreement);
  • Any information related to cheats, hacks, exploits, bugs, or third-party programs, including links to any of the foregoing;
  • Uses of our Content that breach applicable law or are derogatory to us or that, in our discretion, may damage the value, goodwill, or reputation of us, our affiliates, our products, Content, or brands; or
  • Any behavior or conduct that violates public morals and ethics.

Ratings – keep your Videos appropriate as follows:

Your Video should match the ratings guidelines for the game it relates to and must not in any event contain any content that would violate the “T” rating of the Entertainment Software Rating Board or the “16” rating of the Pan European Game Information.

Disclosure – you must identify us as the copyright holder of our Content and disclaim our endorsement:

In any Video that leverages our Content that you provide, you must include a prominent disclaimer (either at the beginning of the Video or, if live-streaming, near the Video in a visible font) as follows:

  • Portions of the content provided here, including trademarks and copyrights and any other intellectual property rights, are owned by AMC Networks and all rights in and to the same are reserved by AMC Networks. This content is not official AMC Networks content and is not endorsed or approved by AMC Networks.

Some additional important information:

As solely determined by us, we may terminate your right to host, distribute or otherwise make available a Video that leverages our Content for business or other reasons without notice or liability to you.  In such cases, we may (but do not have to) contact you or applicable websites or platforms regarding terminating such rights to any such Video.


If you have any questions about this Streaming Policy or would like to seek permission for use of our Content in a manner outside this Streaming Policy, please contact us at .