The Walking Dead - Dead Yourself App Pet EditionThe Walking Dead - Dead Yourself App Pet Edition

The Walking Dead fans are now turning themselves into zombies thanks to the Dead Yourself App. But humans aren't the only ones getting in on the fun. Check out these ten photos of dogs and cats that have undergone the undead treatment.

Photo by Benjamin L

Photo by Regina G

"Turtle" by Shelly

Photo by Catherine B

"I'm hungry rrrrrrrrrr" by Jeff.S

"Zombie cat" by Emily.G

Photo by Josh.C

Photo by Kristina.B

"Roxie didn't make it..." by Arriana

"Awe Freddie!" by Angelina R

Ready to get in on the action? Dead Yourself (or your pet) now, then vote for your favorites in the Walker Gallery.

Photos of The Walking Dead fans’ zombified pets created using AMC’s Dead Yourself App.
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