Maybe there's nothing more to it than his devil-may-care attitude, but there's always been something about Keanu Reeves that leaves people wondering if he's all there. But wouldn't you know it, the Keanu experience hasn't been all dumb stoners. Reeves has quite a few brainy roles, too. In fact, the smart roles might just outnumber the dumb. Take a look at ten of Keanu's most notable roles, ranked by their IQ.
Photo by Keanu Reeves, <em>Speed</em>, 1994. Courtesy of the Everett

First, he chooses the red pill and manages to understand what the heck is going on when he wakes up in his goo-pod. That’s when Neo’s true intelligence is unleashed. Bullets? He can dodge them. Walls? He can walk on them. Physics in general? He makes his own rules. The chosen one understands truths that would make most people's heads hurt. Sounds like he's been chosen to be a pretty brilliant guy.

IQ Score: 160 (Genius)
Photo by Keanu Reeves, <em>The Matrix</em>,1999. Courtesy of the Everett

He has the Internet in his brain, people! And the Internet is never wrong, ever! This yields him an intelligence so threatening that some very important people are after him. If you're smart enough that people want you dead, you're probably one of the sharpest knives in the drawer.

IQ: 155 (Genius)
Photo by Keanu Reeves, <em>Johnny Mnemonic</em>, 1995. Courtesy of the Everett

Klaatu's major leg up is that he's not a human being — he's not confined by the our shortcomings. So he's got that going for him! He knows how to survive the death of a world's sun, and even wants to save us dumb humans from ourselves. He succeeds, but also manages to severely damage the Earth in the process. That'll hurt his score!

IQ Score: 140 (Genius)
Photo by Keanu Reeves, <em>The Day the Earth Stood Still</em>, 2008. Courtesy of the Everett

"Awakened one" Siddhartha takes intelligence to a higher plane (No, not drug-induced). He can take on philosophical topics like the ego and the very nature of truth. That's big stuff for anyone, and a far cry from the "whoa, dude" mentality you'd expect. But, as with Neo, being God-like has its benefits, after all.

IQ Score: 135 (Superior Intelligence)
Photo by Keanu Reeves, <em>Little Buddha</em>, 1994. Courtesy of the Everett

See that man fiddling around under a bus? He's not trying to strip it down for parts. That’s Jack, and he’s about to figure out how to outwit a criminal mastermind who planted a bomb onboard. Smart decisions include: jumping a hole in the highway; directing the bus to an airport tarmac; figuring out that the bomber has a camera on the bus; aiming the bus at a fully-fueled airliner. Don't be fooled by that Keanu surfer attitude, Jack's one smart dude.

IQ Score: 120 (Superior Intelligence)
Photo by Keanu Reeves, <em>Speed</em>, 1994. Courtesy of the Everett

Presumably an FBI agent possesses a pretty decent intellect (they test for that!), but Johnny makes a few moves that make you question him a bit. I mean, who gets framed for robbery not once, but twice? Next, he finds himself leaping from a plane without a parachute — literally the only thing you need when leaping from a plane. The saving grace is that he does finally get a handcuff on his prey (Patrick Swayze) — though he let hims him go get killed in a bodacious wave. This sort of behavior screams “average.”

IQ Score: 100 (Average Intelligence)
Photo by Keanu Reeves, <em>Point Break</em>, 1991. Courtesy of the Everett

As the title of this tale suggests, Don John is an orchestrator of mischief that gets his brain cells in a tizzy over...nada. Having been squashed in an uprising against his lordly brother, his new plan is to ruin the marriage of one of the dudes who helped defeat him. That just seems petty. Don John isn't a great guy, but he's not exactly of the evil-genius variety either. On the other hand, perhaps foiling a wedding is a more realistic goal, suggesting an appreciation of his own limitations.

IQ Score: 95 (Average Intelligence)
Photo by Keanu Reeves, <em>Much Ado About Nothing</em>, 1993. Courtesy of the Everett

Anyone who makes deals with the devil is not playing with a full deck, and this is precisely the path Constantine choses. He's a demon hunter trying to earn his way into heaven, but the fights he picks lead him right into a brawl with the scary red guy himself. Oops. A smarter guy would know that when it gets too hot, you should get out of the kitchen.

IQ Score: 90 (Average Intelligence)
Photo by Keanu Reeves, <em>Constantine</em>, 2005. Courtesy of the Everett

When mysterious letters seemingly written in another time start showing up in his mailbox, a baffled Alex keeps writing back, rather than pursuing a real solution: You could camp out by the mailbox and see how the next letter arrives; you could arrange to meet the pen pal sooner to avoid wasting years of your life sending letters to nowhere; you could see a shrink. Duh, bro.

IQ Score: 75 (Borderline Deficient)
Photo by Keanu Reeves, <em>The Lake House</em>, 2006. Courtesy of the Everett

Ted, one of the worlds great slackers, is not what you'd call a great mind. Book smart, he is not. Rather than study, he and his other half, Bill (Alex Winter), devise a scheme to use a time-traveling phone booth to collect Freud, Beethoven, Lincoln in order to write an accurate history report. Wait, is this so stupid that it's genius? Alas, no.

IQ Score: 70 (Borderline Deficiency)
Photo by George Carlin, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves, <em>Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure</em>, 1989. Courtesy of the Everett

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