Gold Derby Interviews Common and Christopher Heyerdahl; Common to Star in Truffaut Remake


This week, Common and Christopher Heyerdahl talk about Hell on Wheels characters and awards with Gold Derby, and Common snags the lead role in a Francois Truffaut remake. Keeping reading for more Hell on Wheels news.

• In an interview with Gold Derby, Common talks about his hopes for an Emmy and says playing Elam in Hell on Wheels "enriches me."

Gold Derby also chats with Christopher Heyerdahl, who calls The Swede a "rich, well-defined, slightly quirky character."

Movieline reports that Common will star in the lead role of a remake of Francois Truffaut's 1977 film The Man Who Loved Women.

• In a review of the Hell on Wheels Season 1 DVD, WNCT praises the show's writing: "The storylines keep audiences gripped from Cullen's first shot to the end of the season finale."

Anson Mount's gritty movie Cook County is out on iTunes and DVD this week.