Relive the Grail's Sneak Attack on Jesse

You don't want to be on Herr Starr's radar. He's ruthless and so are his agents, Featherstone and Hoover. When Starr realizes he has no more use for Jesse, he calls for a raid on Denis' apartment where Jesse is staying. Luckily Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip were prepared... mostly.

Watch the Episode 9 Talked About Scene.

With night-vision goggles and guns in hand, the raid crew makes their way to Denis' apartment. Cassidy springs into action as the first line of defense given his immunity to death and all. But it doesn't take long for the raid crew to make quick work of Cassidy, whose guts somehow find themselves outside of his stomach.

Fortunately, Jesse still has Genesis -- and another secret weapon he's not even aware of yet. Watch the bloodiest battle of the season in this insane scene from Episode 9.

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