Hidden Remote on Thought-Provoking Preacher; The Mary Sue Talks Cassidy & Representation

This week, Hidden Remote ruminates on how thought-provoking Preacher is, while The Mary Sue makes the case for Cassidy and his representation of the bisexual community. Plus, Meaww lauds the show for asking uncomfortable questions about religion. Read on for more:

Hidden Remote proclaims, "Over the last two weeks, Preacher has become the most thought-provoking show on television."

The Mary Sue explains why Cassidy's complexities "make him so compelling to watch— and also what makes him such refreshing representation for the bisexual community."

Meaww points out that Preacher is "fundamentally geared towards asking all the uncomfortable questions about God and faith that organized religion never wants to answer."

• Pointing out a difference between the comic book and TV show when depicting Jesse's reunion with Tulip and Cassidy, CBR says, "The show forgoes all the hang-breaking, punching and shooting (for now) and treats the reunion between Jesse and the two people who mean the world to him with a touch of melancholy."

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