New Teaser for The Walking Dead: World Beyond Hints at the Truth of Rick's Disappearance and More

Where did the helicopter that Anne summoned take Rick in his final episode?

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Who did the mysterious stranger that Al met on Fear the Walking Dead truly work for? And what do the three circles that keep cropping up everywhere in the TWD universe mean?

Michonne, for one, just left in search of those answers on The Walking Dead. She may not find them, or Rick, but for fans the truth is closer than ever.

A new teaser for The Walking Dead: World Beyond shows that the three circles are connected to Rick and have a deep connection to the latest series in The Walking Dead universe, premiering later this year on AMC. The answers may finally be coming into focus.

Watch the Teaser:

Then, read about Michonne's final episode as she embarks on her search for Rick, in a Q&A with Danai Gurira.

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Plus, read an interview with Julia Ormond, who will play Elizabeth on The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

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