VF Interviews Wyatt Russell; LA Times Cheers Lodge 49

This week, Vanity Fair interviews Wyatt Russell, while the Los Angeles Times is enthusiastic about Lodge 49. Plus, Paul Giamatti speaks with Decider about why he went forward with the show. Read on for more:

Vanity Fair, labeling Lodge 49 as "shot through with surprises, but ridiculously hard to synopsize," interviews Wyatt Russell, who says of his character, "What I like about Dud is if there is a door and it is open, he will go in."

• Enthusiastic about Lodge 49, the Los Angeles Times describes the show thusly: "An hour-long comedy, rich with dramatic complication and depth of feeling, it is not without crises and conflicts; but it is also not weighed down with murders or monsters."

• Executive Producer Paul Giamatti explains to Decider, "I read the script and thought it was one of the best things I had ever read. The characters are so well delineated, and most scripts I read — even the good scripts — make everyone sound the same on the page. The characters are so distinct on this show."

• "The tone is unlike any show I’ve seen on TV in a long time. I think it hearkens back to some TV shows back in the ’70s and ’80s; a sense of optimism inside a set of dark circumstances," Wyatt Russell tells the New York Post about Lodge 49.

• "What I love about it is that life is magical if you choose to look at it that way. And Dud has that in spades, and continues to give that to others, with his spirit and his energy and his will to find the light in the dark," Wyatt Russell explains to The New York Times while discussing Lodge 49.

The Washington Post says Lodge 49 is "exactly the right kind of weird. Without ever becoming a violent criminal spree or a baffling head-scratcher, it’s simply a melancholy, 10-episode rumination on loss and friendship."

TV Insider's review states, "Full of weirdness and wonder, Lodge 49 is an odd place to visit, but if you’re looking for a true original, you may just want to stay there."

Rolling Stone, reviewing Lodge 49, cheers how "the series keeps finding beauty and splendor in the mundane."

The New York Times posits that Lodge 49's "draws are the atmosphere (enhanced by a shimmering soundtrack of surf-rock obscurities and faux-retro contemporary tracks), the deadpan humor and the chemistry among an ace cast. Falling into Lodge 49 is like hanging out at an oddball dive bar that you ignored the instinct to keep walking past."

The Hollywood Reporter speaks with Sonya Cassidy (Liz), who says of her American accent for Lodge 49, "I think it’s pretty good! I did a lot of American plays when I graduated. So an American accent comes pretty easily. And I got the SoCal seal of approval. I love accents."

• Wyatt Russell classifies Lodge 49 to Parade.com as "a drama with humor. I don’t see it as a comedy because we don’t play the comedic beats always for just comedy. Sometimes we do, but it’s all based inside of a very dark situation where all of these people have pretty immense amounts of loss in their life."

Vulture respects Lodge 49 for "embracing its weirdness and being unlike practically any other show that’s currently on TV. Which is a bold statement considering how many shows are currently on TV."

Deadline describes Lodge 49 as "a wave well worth riding" and a "quirky but never annoying surf noir tale."

Collider declares Lodge 49 "funny, occasionally dark, and very unique, but beyond that, it’s hard to define. Whatever it is, it’s certainly different. And worth the journey."

Newsday calls Lodge 49 "fun, congenial and lighthearted but also smart and — when least expected — a little bit profound."

The Plain Dealer characterizes Lodge 49 as "a free-wheeling good time with a good heart and some good laughs."

Multichannel News reports that all 10 episodes of Lodge 49 are now available on AMC Premiere.

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