Lee Pace Appears on Late Night; Kerry Bishé Discusses Donna With Sun-Times

This week, Lee Pace appears on Late Night With Seth Meyers, while Kerry Bishé discusses Donna with the Chicago Sun-Times. Plus, HitFix has a chat about why it likes the show. Read on for more:

Late Night With Seth Meyers hosts Lee Pace, who says that Halt and Catch Fire is "about that incredible turning point in our history when we relied on computers to manage our lives."

Speaking with the Chicago Sun-Times, Kerry Bishé says of playing Donna that "it’s really rare to see characters on TV, and especially women, who are responsible and selfish and smart and vain and fallible."

HitFix's Firewall and Iceberg Podcast discusses Halt and Catch Fire on the eve of Comic-Con, observing, "I like this version of this world. I like the style of it. I like the performances..."

Lee Pace chats with TVLine about the innovation of the '80's and how "Up Helly Aa" is a good example of that, saying, "Joe knows there's this interesting thing around the corner and the corner turns at Comdex."

Scoot McNairy tells Issue Magazine that the development of Gordon as a character has been collaborative: "We have long conversations about what he’s doing and why he’s doing this and where it’s going."

MTV calls Lee Pace one of "the coolest guys at Comic-Con" and explains why.

Refinery29 extols Mackenzie Davis' love and relationship advice, saying it's "just as cool as she is, obviously."

Influx Magazine interviews Eric Goins, who says of the '80's era that progress was "happening in areas of our life that would eventually change the way we live forever. And I love how AMC has captured this pioneer spirit with Halt & Catch Fire."

Catch Mackenzie Davis at GimmeDigital in a trailer for What If, her new movie which opens next month and stars Daniel Radcliffe.

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