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Killing Eve is back.

When we last left off in Season 2, Eve and Villanelle were fleeing from their imploded mission to intercept corrupt software genius, Aaron Peel. Eve takes a step into Villanelle's world when she brutally axes a hitman bent on murdering Villanelle, but when Eve rebuffs Villanelle's plans to live a happy life together in Alaska, Villanelle shoots her in the back and leaves her for dead.

Which brings us to Season 3. Fear the Walking Dead's Suzanne Heathcote is the new lead writer for Killing Eve, continuing the tradition of passing the baton to a new female voice with each new season. In this Q&A with, Heathcote teases about Season 3: "I think for this season, it’s about these two women coming to terms with who they are, and what that means about their relationship with each other. Obviously we had to deal with the aftermath of what happened in Season 2; we couldn’t just pick up and pretend those things hadn’t happened. And obviously those things had a deep effect on both of them and where they are. So it’s really about finding these women where these events have taken them, and then rebuilding from that."

In Season 3, we find out early that Villanelle has moved on...sort of. Thinking she has left Eve for dead, she puts her obsession and her work behind her -- but not for long. An old foe returns with an enticing proposition for Villanelle. Could this new offer be just what Villanelle needs to put thoughts of Eve out of her head?

Watch the Season 3 Premiere for Free

At MI6, Carolyn finds herself undermined at work after the disastrous mission with Aaron Peel and Eve's mysterious fate. Meanwhile, Kenny can't leave his own investigation into the Twelve alone.

Of course, Eve is alive -- but a shadow of her former self. Still recovering physically and emotionally from the fallout of her mission in Rome, Eve is attempting to rebuild her life one piece at a time. But does she even want to be happy? Eve certainly doesn't want anything to do with MI6 or the Twelve anytime soon. But things have a way of falling back together when you least expect it...

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