The 9 Most Inventive Murder Moments From Killing Eve's Villanelle

On BBC America's groundbreaking series Killing Eve, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) isn't only amazing at her job, but she actually really enjoys it. Though, we probably should point out that her occupation is as an assassin for hire. Two and a half seasons in, we still can't get enough of watching Villanelle work. It's not just us, either. MI6 agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) is beyond obsessed with capturing this murderess herself, even becoming infatuated with her on a personal level. And who can blame her? Like Eve said in the very beginning, this assassin has got some serious professional style.

It probably goes without saying, but this post is full of spoilers, so read at your own risk. But once you're ready, let's take a look back at some of Villanelle's most memorable work.

1. When Villanelle hides a weapon in her hair

In Season 1, Villanelle's home base is in Paris, France. She makes her way to Tuscany, Italy, where she scales a mansion made of stone to crash a family party. She borrows a frock from a closet in the home, fitting in at the garden get-together seamlessly. There, she corners the host of the party. He thinks they're going to get frisky, but as she seduces her way close enough to him to make contact, she pulls a metal hair stick from her bun and stabs him in the eye.

It's not just the puncture that is fatal, but the stick also acts as a needle, with her releasing poison into his bloodstream. We did not see that coming... nor did he, unfortunately.

2. When Villanelle gets crafty

Back in Paris, when tasked with killing a female target, Villanelle shows up to a fundraising dinner that the woman is attending. She dresses in typical catering gear, black pants and a white top, entering the event unnoticed. She finds the woman in the ladies' room and jumps at the chance to be alone with her. With the woman working in pharmaceuticals and beauty, Villanelle comes prepared with a homemade perfume.

She asks the woman to sample it, and she initially dismisses Villanelle. After some persuading, she agrees to give it a sniff. It is definitely a killer scent, with the woman gasping for air and finally crumbling to the ground.

3. When Villanelle kills in plain sight

Eve and her partner Bill travel to Berlin to investigate the murder of a Chinese diplomat, also credited to Villanelle. When Bill is on the train platform, he spots Villanelle, but not before she spots him. He thinks he's trailing her, but it's actually the other way around. Villanelle takes the lead, dipping into a nightclub. Inside it's almost rave-like, jammed with people dancing and partying and not paying any attention. Villanelle turns to face Bill with a wicked grin, then manages to stab him over and over again in the chest right in the middle of the packed dance floor.

Not Bill! He was one of our favorites. This is a heart-wrenching scene, but we do give credit to Villanelle for being so bold.

4. When Villanelle plays the fangirl

As Season 2 progresses, Villanelle makes her way to London, England, where she catches up with a financier at his office building. She explains to him that she's an aspiring businesswoman and she wants to do what he does. She tries to pick his brain, but he's a little too busy for her. She's on his heels, following him through the foyer and as he makes his way into the elevator, she compliments him on his tie. She gently strokes the accessory, asking where it's from. As the elevator doors close, her grip tightens, holding on for dear life. Actually, in this case, for lack of life.

It's not clear if he died of a broken neck or asphyxiation, and we suppose it just depends on which came first. This may fall under a two-for-one deal.

5. When Villanelle uses sex as a weapon

Amsterdam is known for its Red Light District and Villanelle uses it to her advantage. She lures her latest target into a sex hall, wearing pink lederhosen and a cutesy-creepy pig mask. Her target follows her without any hesitation or questions, then strips off his clothes without any prompting. He giggles in glee as Villanelle places handcuffs on his wrists. She also cuffs his ankles and there's still no concern on his part. When she opens the curtain, revealing a glass window to the street, he's a bit less agreeable. When she hooks the ankle cuffs to a pulley wire that hangs him upside down from the ceiling, he finally starts to catch on to the fact that this is not all fun and games. The spectacle attracts a crowd.

With great showmanship, Villanelle dances around a bit, addresses her audience, and then slits him from his navel to his throat, like a pig being slaughtered. She even invited his wife to swing by to watch, and after she does, she strolls away as if she had just witnessed a child's puppet show.

6. When Villanelle breaks the rules

Villanelle decides to do some freelancing. While most of her kills are for hire, she sometimes goes against her employer's wishes. She has developed an interest in Eve's on-again/off-again husband Niko (Owen McDonnell). Villanelle turns up when Niko is moving his belongings into a storage unit, after leaving Eve, but he's not alone. Niko is with his friend from work, Jemma. Villanelle wants to get Eve's attention, but she can't kill Niko, because Eve will never forgive her. So that leaves... Jemma.

Niko is knocked out and doesn't have to bear witness to the kill, but wakes up to find Jemma dead, with a plastic bag taped around her head. It's not just that, but her mouth is wide open, and her eyes are even wider. It's clear she was gasping for air.

7. When Villanelle becomes a copycat

Kicking off Season 3, we meet Villanelle's former teacher Dasha, who was a teenage killer. She attacked her boyfriend after gymnastics practice, punching him to the ground and pouring chalk into his mouth. It appears Villanelle has taken a page out of her notebook. When sent to Girona, Spain, to kill a shop clerk, she leaves the same signature. Villanelle shows up dressed as a delivery person, making her way into the establishment undetected. She beats the woman to the ground, but that's not enough. She pours a bag of spices into her mouth, leaving the body just like Dasha had done some 50 years prior.

As Villanelle leaves the store, she says to herself, "Untouchable." She's getting cocky.

8. When Villanelle gets sporty

Another assignment takes Villanelle to Andalusia, Spain. We find her tuning a piano in a magnificent mansion, with the lady of the house her new target. The woman talks down to her, asking if her hands are clean while handling the pricey instrument. Villanelle then sneaks up behind her and throws the piano tuner like a dagger at the back of her head. Bullseye! Villanelle is so talented.

She can tune a piano and throw like a professional darts player.

9. When Villanelle gets sneaky

A lot of times, Villanelle brazenly walks into a situation and seems to improvise on the fly. But, in one of her latest kills, we had no idea she was coming. Or, who she was aiming for. We catch-up with Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw), MI6 head honcho, and her aid, Mo (Raj Bajaj), transporting Charles Krueger, who is believed to be The Twelve's accountant. When driving down the road, they're pulled over by a police officer on a motorbike. That probably should have set off a red flag, for them and for us, that it may be a trap. And, who is underneath the fluorescent yellow police jacket and full-face helmet? Oh, Villanelle. She pulls out her pistol, makes eye contact with Carolyn and... she shoots. Carolyn is bloodied from the window shattering, leaving us to believe she might be dead. But... she was not the target. It was actually Krueger who got a bullet in the forehead.

He seemed like he was going to worry himself to death over the missing six million Euros. Maybe she just quickened the process and got to him before the Twelve did.

Did any of Villanelle's kills leave you yelling out loud at the screen?

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