The Top S Club 7 Songs to Sing on the Loo Like Killing Eve's Kenny

WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the Season 3 Premiere of Killing Eve. Read at your own risk.

Kenny Stowton (Sean Delaney)'s death in the Season 3 Premiere sent shockwaves through the world of Killing Eve, both for the characters  on the show and the fandom at large. In Episode 2, Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) is struggling to find clues that explain what happened and turns to one of the last people who knew Kenny well: his girlfriend, Audrey.

"Do you think Kenny was happy?" Carolyn asks the Bitter Pill receptionist, which is as close to "Do you think he killed himself?" as she can without being too forward. Audrey's answer isn't definitive, but certainly illuminating: "He used to sing to himself when he was on the loo. S Club 7, mostly."

Um, what?


If anyone could have guessed Kenny's taste in music, it probably wouldn't have included the bubblegum pop of British group S Club 7. But hey, we've all got our guilty pleasures, and at least Kenny's don't include the attention of a psychopathic assassin (looking at you, Eve). And when your day job consists of investigating brutal murders doled out by a secret shadow society of aristocrats to shape the world as they see fit, it's little wonder Kenny would turn to the sweet, sunny throwbacks of S Club 7 when he's off the clock.

Oh Kenny, the more we learn about you, the better you are -- and the more we miss you. So, in honor of the late Kenny Stowton, here are the top S Club 7 songs to sing on the loo in his memory.

1. "Bring It All Back"

"The Citizen Kane of S Club 7 songs," says Entertainment Weekly. One wonders if perhaps Kenny hummed the chorus to himself after a hard days' work with his mum:

"Don't stop, never give up

Hold your head high and reach the top

Let the world see what you have got

Bring it all back to you."

2. "Never Had a Dream Come True"

This 2000s-era single is the epitome of a pop power ballad. It rocketed to the top of the UK Singles Chart in 2000 and even peaked in the U.S. Kenny's go-to karaoke song perhaps?

3. "S Club Party"

"There ain't no party like an S Club party," rings the earworm chorus of one of the band's greatest hits. The music video is a bizarre, dimension-hopping, Fast and the Furious-in-the-1950s spectacle, filmed in the California desert. "But why?" you might ask. The answer: It was 1999.

4. "Two in a Million"

"It's a crazy world where everything's changing / One minute you're up and the next thing you're breaking (yay)." Perhaps Kenny found solace in the relatable truisms provided by a chart-topping love song.

5. "Bring the House Down"

What's a pop group without a plethora of "party time" tracks? This is one of many for S Club 7. It's a real head-bopper to raise your spirits.

6. "Reach"

Acting as the opening theme song to the S Club 7 television series (yes, you read that right), this track is indicative of the group's "friendship is power" mantra. In the television show, when the bandmates put their hands together and utter, "United we stand, divided we fall" (because why wouldn't they), a bolt of lightning spreads through them and deus ex machina'd their problems. This actually happened. The early 2000s were a weird time. Apparently, Kenny was all about it.

7. "Say Goodbye"

"Sometimes goodbye though it hurts in your heart is the only way for destiny

Sometimes goodbye though it hurts is the only way now for you and me

Though it's the hardest thing to say

I miss your love in every day

So say goodbye, but don't you cry

'Cause true love never dies."

Oh dear, sweet Kenny. It's time to say goodbye. And what better way than to croon along with Kenny's secret pleasure, S Club 7.


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