Stream Killing Eve Episode 5 Now: Villanelle's Not-So-Happy Family Reunion

Den of Geek describes the latest episode as "surprising" and "form breaking," and Vanity Fair calls it "staggering" -- and it’s clear why: Killing Eve presses pause on the drama in the latest episode (Is Niko dead? Who killed Kenny?) to take a deeply personal detour into Villanelle’s backstory. Villanelle (Jodie Comer) returns to Mother Russia, to her family’s home in a small, isolated town, where the viewer learns that while “each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way," Villanelle’s family takes peculiarity to another level.

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Arriving in rural Gryzmet, Villanelle walks into a ramshackle house and starts exploring the odds and ends of a thoroughly lived-in country home: dishes on the counter, knick knacks on the shelves, framed photos on the wall. And then her family starts pouring in, one-by-one: her young half-brother, Bor'ka, who is obsessed with Elton John; stepbrother Fyodr and his disgruntled girlfriend, Yula; her stepfather, who wants to call the police on this stranger; her brother Pyotr, who recognizes Villanelle as Oksana right away; and finally her mother, Tatiana, played by Evgenia Dodina, who immediately bursts into tears upon seeing the daughter she thought had been dead for over a decade.

Villanelle indulges in playing the part of a happy daughter in an off-beat home, playing family games, dancing in the living room, and participating in the town’s annual Harvest Festival. But the longer she stays, the further the mask starts to slip. She starts losing her grip on where Oksana ends and Villanelle begins. And her mask isn’t the only one faltering. Is her mother really happy to see her, or is there more brewing underneath the surface of her family life than Villanelle remembers?

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