Stream Killing Eve Episode 3 Now: Villanelle Returns to London

Villanelle has finally learned that Eve is alive, and this new revelation changes everything.

The winsome assassin has done her best to put Eve out of her mind, but now that she knows Eve survived their "falling out" in Rome, it's all she thinks about. Even Dasha has noticed. "What got into you?" she asks Villanelle over brunch with a curious new guest, "You've been unfocused and manic for days." When Villanelle is assigned a new job in London, she balks at the idea of heading back to Eve's stomping grounds so soon. Will her unresolved feelings for Eve get in the way of her new mission for the Twelve?

Watch Killing Eve Episode 3 Now

Meanwhile, Eve finds a lead in the case of Kenny's death. Kenny left behind a code to crack his encrypted research, and Eve discovers that Kenny was monitoring peculiar new movements in the Twelve's organization. But to follow the next clue in her investigation, she must turn to MI6 -- and Carolyn -- for help. How will Carolyn take to aligning with the company that Kenny chose over her? Plus, Carolyn isn't slouching in her investigation either. She goes back to her roots of old spy work and leverages her old Moscow contacts -- but this comes with more danger than ever.

While Eve is trying to piece the puzzle of her life, and Kenny's death, a chance encounter gives Eve the opportunity to express her most primal instincts of rage, frustration -- and desire. But she crosses a line she won't be able to come back from.

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