Killing Eve Season 3 Premiere: Go Inside the Biggest Kill of the Episode and More

"Killing Eve is back on top," says Den of Geek. The new season is "bigger, darker and deeper in its scope than ever before," says Decider. If you haven't seen the new Season Premiere of the award-winning show starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, you can watch it here for free.

In this week's episode, Villanelle is in the spotlight. We first find the mercurial assassin in the Season 3 Premiere in one of last places we ever expected to see her: her own wedding. From there, Villanelle keeps upping the ante. From the violent spectacle of her wedding scene in the episode's "OMG Moment," to her brutal spice kill, our favorite assassin wastes no time creating chaos. But what will happen when her old pal Konstantin comes back into her life? Find out in a sneak peek below, after diving deeper into the key scenes from the Season 3 Premiere.

Villanelle's Wedding

Sometimes, when you're trying to get over your ex, you run into the arms of someone else. It's just not recommended that you marry them.

Of course, Villanelle isn't one to take advice on matters of the heart (or anything, really). We pick up with her at the start of Season 3, toasting to her new marriage to beautiful bride Maria -- and her great shoes, house, tailor, hairdresser. "If I had known getting married would be this much fun, I'd have done it loads more by now," Villanelle says. Ah, love.

But her happy nuptials don't last long. A figure from Villanelle's past returns to cast a dark shadow over Villanelle's "special day." What's a wedding without a little drama? Watch the memorable scene here.

Closer Look at the Season Premiere: The Spice Kill

In the Season 3 Premiere, Dasha gives Villanelle her first mission when she comes back into the fold of the Twelve: take out a local political agitator. "They'll promote you with full benefits," Dasha tells a reluctant Villanelle, "but first you have to show them you're up to the job."

"Have fun with it," Dasha adds. And Villanelle really knows how to spice things up.

"[It's] one of my favorite kills of all of the series," says Jodie Comer in this behind-the-scenes video offering fans a closer look at the devastating murder known as the Spice Kill. When Villanelle finds her target in a local spice shop, she brutally murders the woman by knocking her unconscious and pouring spices down her throat. "It's absolutely visceral and imaginative and driven," says Dame Harriet Walter, who plays Dasha. But Villanelle is bringing more than her usual panache for death to this particular kill. She's also sending a message to her handler that there's no such thing as "untouchable" as long as Villanelle is in the game.

"When Dasha was a gymnast, she was recruited to the KGB after the brutal murder of her boyfriend in the changing room. She poured chalk dust into his mouth," explains Executive Producer Lee Morris. "It becomes a classic kill that is taught to other killers," adds Walter. But Villanelle can't stand for being second best. Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle says this kill - her first back with the Twelve - is how Villanelle proves that "she's a killer with more flourish."

And the creation of the scene matched the horror onscreen. Actress Carolina Valdés needed to wear a mouthguard to protect herself from the torrent of spices poured on her face -- and then lay there for minutes covered in spice. "It looked horrific," remembers Comer, "to, like, have all the kind of chaos of what's going on around you on set, and just have to stay there in one position."

Go behind-the-scenes of the spice kill in this Closer Look video.

Sneak Peek of Episode 2

Villanelle is enjoying her new life in Barcelona in her new apartment, a real-life architectural gem in the Catalan capital. But her desire to leave her old life behind doesn't last very long. When Villanelle returns home, she doesn't notice the form of an interloper stretched out on her bed.

"Nice place," says Konstantin when he appears from out of the doorway. The last they'd seen each other, Konstantin revealed that she had been manipulated by both the Twelve and MI6 into murdering Aaron Peel, before Konstantin left Villanelle to be with his family. Villanelle certainly hasn't forgotten. As soon as she lays eyes on him, she starts throwing whatever she can get her hands on at his face. Kim Bodnia can certainly take a hit, because it seems like Jodie Comer's swinging arm is very real in this scene.

But Konstantin meant their parting in Rome to be their last meeting. What could have brought him to Barcelona to walk right into Villanelle's potential crosshairs? Watch the sneak peek of Sunday's all new episode here.

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