Killing Eve: 5 Ways We’re All Eve Polastri Right Now

What week of social distancing are we in right now? It’s hard to keep track, what with the days bleeding into one another and the figurative boundaries between home life and outside life blurring, all while being physically reinforced more than ever. We’ve all been  put through the wringer and it can be hard to move on with life as normal.



While the importance of maintaining social distancing can’t be overstated in order to save lives, man, is it a drag. But while you may feel alone as you do your part to curb the spread of coronavirus, we’re all going through a varied version of the same thing. And there’s something about going through some sh-t that really brings people together.

Take Killing Eve's Eve Polastri, played by the inimitable Sandra Oh. After getting shot in the back by Villanelle at the end of Season 2, we find her at the start of Season 3 trying to get her life back on track. Somehow, Eve trying her best to keep it together, one day at a time, looks pretty similar to our contemporary social crisis -- even down to taking pictures of toilet paper to get a friend to come over to her flat. Who knew, right?

Here are all of the ways we are just like Eve right now during quarantine:

1. You’re subsisting only off of ramen.



It was easy to lose track of how much you relied on restaurants and takeout, but now they’re gone and all you’ve got left is quick-prep food that comes with directions. Eve knows. When you've siphoned off all of your emotional energy just by getting out of bed, the fastest way to a tasty meal isn’t something to be ashamed of. Just...maybe try to offset that sodium with some potassium. Eat a banana.

2. When there’s no happy hour, every hour is "happy hour."



Drinking too much wine on the floor in front of the TV -- who hasn’t been there in the last few weeks? Eve has always loved her reds, but it’s probably a little too easy to indulge when your world seems like it’s falling apart.

3. The kitchen is your source of fulfillment now.



How many times can you open the fridge expecting to see something new? Are you hungry? Tired? Bored? (You’re bored.) Or maybe you’re trying to forget a bad situation by throwing yourself into a new or renewed zest for cooking and baking. After all, eating only ramen can’t be good for you. Eve knows the kitchen is the place to be.

4. You’re psyching yourself into not thinking about your ex. It’s half working.



You’re bored and lonely in quarantine. You could really use someone right now. Or at least that’s what you’re telling yourself. It’s tempting to manufacture something to be excited about when there doesn’t seem to be anything to look forward to, but save the drama for television. Remind yourself that you snipped those loose ends out of your life for a reason. You can’t even responsibly see them anyway! Instead, make a list of things you want to do with your time -- maybe the things you’ve always wanted to do with your time. Start a hobby? Write that book? Watch that TV show everyone is talking about? (Don’t forget: the Killing Eve Season Premiere is available to stream for free.) Remind yourself to leave the past behind. Eve knows. (Well, she knows better.)

5. You have intermittent bouts of existential crises.



Hopefully you’re not going through this one. But no one would blame you if you were. We’re all going through a socially unprecedented period of uncertainty, and fitful sleep might be expected. Listening to the news while you’re stuck inside could be contributing to a spike in anxiety that’s probably taking its toll on your brain.



Thankfully, there are some things you can do to pull yourself out of a COVID-19 quarantine spiral:

1. Keep your routines.

If you are healthy and able to do so, keep your daily routines going as close as possible to your pre-quarantine life. If you’re working from home, it can be tempting to indulge in the extra sleep afforded by your quick commute from your bed to your computer. But keeping your habit of getting up at a certain time, showering and changing out of your pajamas and into everyday clothes can help you feel grounded and more in control of your life. If you’re quarantining with children, who thrive on structure, it’s even more important to adhere to a schedule that works for your family. And of course, it will make it easier to transition back into normal life when this passes.

2. Stay connected.

Proper social distancing means limiting social contact with anyone outside of your home, but you can still stay connected with your loved ones. Schedule time for virtual dates and calls with friends and family. Stream a movie together with internet browser extensions like Netflix Party. Have a watch party for your favorite shows. Host a virtual happy hour with face-timing apps (and you can change your video chat backgrounds to some iconic settings from your favorite AMC shows here). Reach out to someone who might need a connection. You may be stuck in your house, but you don't need to feel alone.

3. Set boundaries.

If you’re quarantining with family, loved ones, roommates, etc, it may start to feel like there are too many cooks in the kitchen, and the kitchen is your life. Carve out space in your home that's just for you: a work station, a reading chair. Honor those same boundaries with your loved ones and housemates. And while you may be stuck at home together 24/7, it's important to maintain some personal time to just focus on your head space and your hobbies. Communicate your needs with those around you -- including with your job. Maintaining the boundary between "work time" and "home time" will help keep you sane. It’s also important to set boundaries with yourself. If you feel like you’re suffering from information fatigue - especially when none of it seems good - consider limiting your notifications and restricting your information flow to only a certain amount of minutes a day, from trusted news sources. Then, offset the news’ emotional cost by looking into some feel-good stories.

You may feel alone right now, but we're all in this together.

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