Killing Eve Episode 4: Why "Ultimate Survivor" Konstantin's Juggling Act Is Crumbling

In this week's episode of Killing Eve, things are starting to fall apart for our main characters. Eve (Sandra Oh) has lost contact with Niko (Owen McDonnell), who has flown off to happier pastures in Poland. Villanelle (Jodie Comer) receives great news about her promotion within the Twelve, but has a nagging feeling that something is still missing -- and an unceasing bout of hiccups confirms that she can't rest until she finds out what that is. Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) continues her work in MI6, but is starting to notice the strange behavior of those around her. Who can she trust anymore?

Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) struggles when his professional life interferes with his personal life. In this week's "OMG Moment," he meets up with his daughter, Irina, who nails him to the proverbial cross for his selfishness. The cast and creators provide a behind-the-scenes perspective on Konstantin's world this season in this week's Closer Look. Featuring Kim Bodnia, Fiona Shaw, Suzanne Heathcote and more, discover how the Killing Eve team brings Konstantin to life. Plus, Villanelle finds herself navigating a different kind of "shit show" in a new sneak peek scene of Sunday's new episode. Dive deeper into Killing Eve Episode 4 below:

Talked About Scene: Skive Off

In this memorable moment from the latest episode, we find Konstantin on a stakeout. Is he watching a new target for the Twelve? Keeping tabs on MI6's investigation? Turns out, it's something even more important: he's watching his ex-wife's new boyfriend drop his daughter, Irina, off at school. His eyes narrow as this stranger ruffles his daughter's hair before she climbs the steps into school.

Konstantin finds Irina inside, studying Sanskrit by herself. "Want to skive off?" he asks her. She's hesitant, becoming the one kid on earth to waffle on a free pass to skip class. "You're going to sneak out of school with me because I'm your father, and because I'm telling you to do it," Konstantin says.

Outside, Konstantin and Irina talk about her mom's new boyfriend while eating ice cream. Irina wants to stay with her father, but Konstantin needs to go back to England, which he describes as terrible. "But it's my job to do terrible things," he sighs.

But Irina sees right through him. "Do you think I'm a moron?" she asks. "You might pretend to be working for the FSB, you might pretend to be helping MI6, but we both know what you're really working for: yourself."

She continues to hold her father's feet to the emotional fire. "It's only a matter of time before they all catch up with you," she says, "and you'll be dead, and I'll be more alone and miserable than I am now."

Watch Irina take Konstantin to task in this memorable scene from the latest episode.

Closer Look: Konstantin's World

Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) has been the ultimate juggler. Working with the FSB, MI6 and the Twelve, he's kept a lot of balls up in the air, never touching, never cracking, never faltering. "His character's the ultimate survivor," says director and executive producer Damon Thomas in this behind-the-scenes video about Konstantin's world. "He'd probably survive a nuclear holocaust," adds executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle.

In Season 3, we see more of Konstantin's inner life than ever before. "We see a man who is under enormous pressure, both personally and then, as the season develops, we realize professionally as well," explains executive producer Lee Morris. "As an actor, it's fun to see what is actually going on in Konstantin's mind-set, senses and feelings," explains the man himself, Kim Bodnia. "You have to face yourself. It's very hard work."

Of course, one of the biggest parts of Konstantin's life is his relationship with Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer. "The chemistry that he has with Jodie is incredible, and they'd never met until the read-through for Season 1," remarks Gentle. "They were just fantastic together. His relationship with Villanelle is really key. It's one which neither of them can shake off. There's great affection there."

Now, in Season 3, Konstantin is trying to move away from his darker dealings to return to his family -- but Villanelle is caught in the middle. "He's divided between his two daughters, really, Irina and Villanelle," says director Shannon Murphy. Comer explains Villanelle's perspective as well: "I think she always finds herself drawn to Konstantin because that is the closest thing that she has to family."

Of course, this might not be the best thing for Konstantin. "We are in a very strong relationship, even maybe stronger than we wanted to be in," says Bodnia. "That's a big issue for Konstantin -- how do you deal as a father person and still be professional?"

Discover how the creative team brings Konstantin's character to life, from his costumes to his sparse flat, to Kim Bodnia's charisma and depth. Featuring Fiona Shaw, Suzanne Heathcote, and many more, get a closer look at Konstantin's world in Killing Eve here.

Sneak Peek: Villanelle Comes Home

Villanelle is a woman of many talents. From her fluency in multiple languages, to her fashion and style, to her excellent panache for brutal murder, it seems she can do no wrong. And in this sneak peek of Sunday's all-new episode, we learn that Villanelle has another secret talent: shit slinging.

In the upcoming episode of Killing Eve, Villanelle has entered a dung throwing contest in a small village in Russia. Why? We're not sure, and Villanelle might not be so sure either: after all, she's competing under the name "Never mind." As local onlookers observe the awards ceremony, Villanelle is crowned the victor of this particular shit show. A man in the audience shouts in Russian, "That's my sister!"

That's right: in the new episode, Villanelle comes home. Watch the sneak of Sunday's all-new episode here and get a first look at Villanelle's family.

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