Killing Eve Episode 2: Discover the Important Details in the Bitter Pill Set and More

In this week's episode of Killing Eve, Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) are on the hunt for what they want. Eve is casing the trail of Kenny's death for answers, which leads her to join a new team of sleuths at the Bitter Pill. Villanelle is on track towards her goal of moving up to be a Keeper in the Twelve, albeit slowly. Who knew secret societies of assassins had a corporate ladder?

Of course, none of these things come easy. Villanelle learns that management is more trouble than it's worth in this week's brutal "OMG Moment." Eve discovers that she might have left one insufferable boss at MI6 only to walk through the office doors of another at the Bitter Pill. But their worlds are about to collide in a big way when Villanelle learns that Eve is still alive. How will she react? Get a first glimpse in the sneak peek of next week's episode after diving deep into Episode 2.

Killer Clowns

Dasha (Dame Harriet Walter) brought Villanelle back into the fold of the Twelve by promising her the possibility of becoming a Keeper. Despite excelling in her most recent "job," she still has to prove herself even more before her request will be considered. And this job might be her most difficult yet: managing someone else.

Enter Felix: a baby-faced assassin-in-training. Villanelle already isn't thrilled about being forced into group projects, and now she has to mentor Felix in the art of the kill.

She learns pretty quickly that management can be a bit of a circus. The clown shoes probably don't help. Watch the memorably florid hit job here in this week's OMG Moment.

Closer Look at Episode 2: The Bitter Pill Set

Eve is certain Kenny (Sean Delaney) didn't kill himself. When she pockets his phone after his death, she realizes it might hold clues to the events leading up to his untimely demise. And she's not the only one. Kenny's boss, Jamie, played by Star Wars and The Crown alumni, Danny Sapani, is also on the hunt for answers. Despite a rough start to their relationship (well, it's mostly rough all the time), Eve decides to work together with Jamie at the Bitter Pill.

"The Bitter Pill is an online publication that does a lot of investigative journalism," says Killing Eve director and executive producer, Damon Thomas in this Closer Look video. The cast and creators go behind the scenes of Eve's newest base of operations by offering an insider's view of the Bitter Pill set.

"These are people who are fueled by their sense of justice and the need for human rights to be really represented and upheld in the world," adds Season 3 lead writer Suzanne Heathcote. But that doesn't mean Eve has to like them. Still, explains Sandra Oh, "These people end up being the vehicle and the means by which she's able to continue searching for the Twelve, and also searching for Villanelle."

How did the crew craft the set? Production designer Laurene Dorman explains some of the details the went into designing Eve's new base of operations: "We took this rather vast, open plan space, and we wanted to express a king of youthful passion about what these people were going about. There's the baby football table, also, one of the desks they use as a communal hot desk is actually a table tennis table. And then we worked down and down and down through the dressing of the set - the right level of color, the right level of stuff on the walls. We've got two or three people working very hard sourcing images and building a particular investigation."

The images on the wall are more than fodder for set dressing. Turlough Convery, who plays Bitter Pill employee Bear, points out, "You've got all these fabulous pictures, and they all link to pieces of dialogue." How many clues can you find on the walls of the Bitter Pill?

And the small details don't stop there. In the video, Dorman recalls how Sandra Oh noticed a small detail that helped shape her idea of the Bitter Pill's characters. Get a Closer Look at the Bitter Pill set here with Sandra Oh, Suzanne Heathcote and more.

Sneak Peek of Episode 3: The Message

At the end of Episode 2, Villanelle's world comes crumbling down when she learns that Eve is still alive. "That's not possible," Villanelle tells Konstantin when he comes to her new apartment in Barcelona to bring her the news. All this time, she was telling herself that she had moved on, that Eve was dead. But she can't ignore the truth any longer.

In this sneak peek of Sunday's all new episode, Villanelle finds herself in a Build-A-Bear-esque shop of horrors. Amidst the squeaking toys and screaming children, she realizes, "This place is psychopathic." You'd think that would make her feel right at home, but for the first time Villanelle actually looks a little out of her element.

When an employee asks if she'd like to make a talking bear, Villanelle suddenly knows exactly what to send to Eve. But what do you say to the person you shot in the back and left for dead? Watch a sneak peek of Sunday's all-new episode here.

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