9 Times Konstantin Was Just the Coolest on Killing Eve

He’s got some tough competition, but Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) could just be the most inscrutable character on Killing Eve. Do we ever know exactly what he’s thinking – and though he and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) are clearly Sympatico – does he ever have anyone’s back but his own?

He and Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) have their own long history of double-crossing one another, and Eve (Sandra Oh) learns pretty quickly never to trust Villanelle’s on-off handler. But despite his shadiness, Konstantin has got a charm that can't be denied.

Here are nine times when this slippery and opportunistic Russian intelligence officer was also kind of the coolest guy around.

1. When he warns Eve about getting too close to Villanelle

Konstantin may care for Villanelle, but that doesn’t mean he’s in denial about who and what she is – after all, he helped to create this lean, mean, and serene killing machine. In the season two episode “The Hungry Caterpillar,” he lets Eve know exactly what she’s getting herself into by allowing their mutually obsessio relationship to get even more twisted.

2. When he keeps it very real about parenthood

When Konstantin runs into old friend Charles Kruger (Dominic Mafham), a former Russian agent who now appears to be The Twelve’s accountant, the two men exchange pleasantries. Kruger politely asks after Konstantin’s daughter, Irina, which prompts a potty-mouthed response you definitely wouldn’t want your own parents to say about you.

To be fair, though, Konstantin does swear with excellent style, doesn’t he?

3. When he makes himself right at home at Carolyn’s place

Konstantin is cool as a cucumber when he meets John (Geff Francis), Carolyn’s “old friend from Nairobi,” for the first time – even though the other man has just sauntered down the stairs in his underwear.

Not even blushing, he offers Carolyn’s one-night stand a “very restorative” Russian omelette made with eggs and sour cream. Even in a potentially awkward situation, he’s the perfect gentleman.

4. When he tells Eve to chill, and then lives to tell the tale

You can’t blame Eve for feeling miffed when Konstantin opens the door to Carolyn’s house in the season two episode “I Hope You Like Missionary!” As Eve points out, she has every right to be mad at him for "selling [her] out and skipping town with Villanelle” the last time they worked together. 

Still, Konstantin manages to regain the upper hand when he oh-so-politely asks Eve to calm down. It's a dangerous request, but he somehow makes it out alive.

5. Every time he puts Villanelle in her place

Because every psychopathic assassin needs her handler to rein her in sometimes.


6. When his daughter reads him like a book – and he knows he has to take it

After Konstantin swings by her school unannounced, Irina (Yuli Lagodinsky) "skives off" with her father and uses the opportunity to dish out some home truths: no, she doesn’t want him to make up with her mom – she just wants him to get a proper life plan.

Konstantin may be the parent, but at this moment he clearly knows that his daughter has a point. The question is: will he ever be able to change his ways?

7. When he’s faced with a rampaging Villanelle… and holds his nerve 

Season two episode “The Hungry Caterpillar” features an incredibly tense reunion between Konstantin and Villanelle – after all, the last time they encountered one another, she kind of shot him twice.

Still, when Villanelle charges at him with a knife, Konstantin doesn’t even flinch. Did he just get lucky, or does he know Villanelle better than she knows herself?

Despite the high stakes, Kim Bodnia has called this scene “lovely,” saying: “For me, it was like a great reunion, you know? We really can enjoy each other.”

8. When he aims a stealthy zinger at Eve

In the season one episode "I Don't Want To Be Free," Eve wants Konstantin to explain why a key informant has rather conveniently been killed in a Russian prison. He doesn't take too kindly to being questioned by her – or to having his breakfast interrupted – so he delivers a parting shot that's saltier than anything on his plate: “It’s been good to see you again. I advise you to have a sausage and go home. You’re welcome to stay, but you haven’t been invited.”



9. When he’s given the fright of his life by Villanelle

Sure, Konstantin is supremely tough and resilient – Killing Eve executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle says he would “probably survive a Nuclear holocaust.” But who wouldn’t be freaked out if they got into bed thinking they were alone, only to find Villanelle waiting for them?

Which are your favorite Konstantin moments?

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