Jonathan Banks Talks Emmys With LA Times; Collider Endorses Better Call Saul Binge Watch

This week, Jonathan Banks talks Emmys with the Los Angeles Times, while Collider endorses a binge watch of Better Call Saul. Plus, one Emmy voter tells The Hollywood Reporter that Banks is the best actor on TV. Read on for more:

• Speaking with the Los Angeles Times about Mike killing Werner, Jonathan Banks explains, "Even though Mike is a lost soul, he still has a code. This man has become his friend, this gentle soul, and this was a real hard way for Mike to go. He knew he wasn’t going to see him anymore. But you must never forget, Mike is a killer." recommends binge-watching Better Call Saul: "The best spinoff since Frasier, Better Call Saul achieves a level of quality that arguably surpasses its mothership series, Breaking Bad."

• One producer and Emmy voter tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Better Call Saul is great and Jonathan Banks is the best actor on TV — I don’t understand how he hasn’t won yet."

• Talking to Fortune about choosing the Ink Spots' We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) in the Season 4 Premiere to represent Jimmy, Saul and Gene, Thomas Golubić explains, "Jimmy can’t escape his past, so these three characters are kind of tacked together with a lovely song that has a kind of ghostly quality hovering above the scene.”

• Bob Odenkirk is "overdue for recognition in Best Drama Actor," Gold Derby affirms, adding that in his submitted episode, "Winner," Odenkirk "beautifully navigates the tragic fulfillment of Jimmy’s destiny, playing to our emotions with a powerful monologue before pulling the rug out from under us in the most shocking way possible."

Gold Derby declares, "With six nominations under his belt, [Jonathan] Banks is way overdue for Emmy recognition, especially for this career-defining role."

Rolling Stone and The Hollywood Reporter believe Bob Odenkirk should win the best drama actor Emmy this year, and TV Guide thinks Giancarlo Esposito should win best drama supporting actor because he "has gone unrecognized in the industry for way too long (this is Esposito's second Emmy nomination, and he has yet to win)."

• Handicapping the best drama Emmy race, Deadline writes, "Daring to take on the mantle of Breaking Bad and succeed on its own terms as a prequel, the show is a hit thanks not only to a great cast but also its creators/executive producers Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, who also steered Breaking Bad to Emmy glory. Can they do it again?"

Refinery 29 applauds that Better Call Saul "continues to prove why the Breaking Bad spin-off was a clever idea. The series not only builds on Jimmy’s background every season, but it also allows other characters like Nacho to have compelling storylines. To boot, the fade-outs at the end of each episode of season 4 are masterful cliffhangers."

What's on Netflix names Better Call Saul as one of the 20 best crime-drama series on Netflix, saying that "the spin-off has been nothing short of excellent and a phenomenal world builder that explains the characteristics and motivations of some of Breaking Bad’s most beloved characters."

Bleeding Cool reports that recent Instagram posts from Rhea Seehorn and Giancarlo Esposito "give fans a glimpse of the gang at the season’s wrap party at Cliff’s Amusement Park."

CarterMatt speculates that Season 5 will be "a chance at continued evolution for one Jimmy McGill. He will be working to do whatever he can in order to adopt his new Saul Goodman persona and be the 'criminal lawyer' that he has shown himself to be over on Breaking Bad."

Screen Rant observes, "Krazy-8 portrayed the first primary antagonist in Breaking Bad, but further details about his backstory weren't delved into until his appearance in Better Call Saul."

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