Jimmy's Got Nothing Left to Lose in the Latest Full Episode

Playing by the rules isn't really working for JimmyAfter giving out a free commercial to a local music shop, Jimmy is ready to collect on the owners' promise of paying for a second commercial, plus airtime. The problem? The owners called the TV station and found out that they can air the free commercial at a fraction of the cost. With Jimmy at the end of his rope, Saul seems to be standing by, ready to take over.

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Jimmy's not the only one having a tough time. Knowing that Hector has his sights set on his father's business as a front to their drug trafficking, Nacho has put together a plan to end Hector for good. The time to put his plan into motion is here -- just as long as Nacho can pull off the dangerous task of switching the pills in Hector's pocket without Hector noticing.

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