IndieWire Impressed by Season 3; Bob Odenkirk Talks Saul With Stuff

This week, IndieWire is impressed by Season 3 so far, while Bob Odenkirk talks to Stuff about playing Jimmy/Saul. Plus, Entertainment Weekly reports on two pre-Saul marathons. Read on for more:

• Reviewing Season 3's first two episodes, IndieWire says Better Call Saul "gets a lot of praise and acclaim for its top-notch acting, smart writing and innovative filmmaking, and that continues in Season 3. At least one sequence in the first two episodes invokes comparisons to filmmakers like Terrence Malick and Steven Soderbergh."

• Bob Odenkirk enthuses to about playing Jimmy/Saul, "The fact is I don't think I would ever in my life get a better role than this. There are actors who went to college to train and they're never gonna get a role this good."

Den of Geek announces, "To celebrate the return of Saul, the resurrection of Gus, and the significance of the events in Breaking Bad on this upcoming season, AMC is airing two special Breaking Bad marathons, 'Best of Saul Goodman,' and 'Best of Gus Fring.'"

Entertainment Weekly reports that Talking Saul will air after the Season 3 Premiere, on Apr. 10, and the Season 3 Finale, on June 12.

• According to Eater, a Los Pollos Hermanos is popping up in Downtown Los Angeles on Mar. 29 and 30.

Newsweek heralds Season 2 -- which asks the question, "How far will Jimmy McGill get towards becoming Saul Goodman in season two?" -- landing on Netflix this week.

We Got This Covered watches Season 3's first two episodes and notes, "The dots that link the events of Better Call Saul to Breaking Bad are slowly but surely being joined, and we can rest assured after another excellent start to the season that the journey will provide plenty to be excited about."

LAist can't wait for Better Call Saul, calling it "funnier (Hoboken Squat Cobbler!), more comfortable with its Breaking Bad roots (Mike's one man war against the Salamancas), and more tragic (everything involving Chuck and Jimmy's long-simmering family feud) in season two, and we expect it to only continue its ascent in season three."

• Talking to the Australian Associated Press about Season 3, Bob Odenkirk reveals, "We know we're going to get to the Saul Goodman character and that we're going to get some story that leads up to the first episode in Breaking Bad that you see Saul."

• Bob Odenkirk explains to New Zealand's The Spinoff, "There’s meaning behind everything on the show, behind where the camera is placed, every choice by the characters, every word of dialogue. Everything is thought out and, of course, this pays off as time goes by."

TVWise reports that Season 3 will premiere in the United Kingdom on Apr. 11.

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