Watch Donna School the New Guy in the Boardroom in the Season 4 Premiere

Donna's worked hard to become partner at AGGE, but things are shifting, whether she likes it or not. A new partner, Trip Kisker, is joining the firm. He's young, sharp, and has lots of ideas, including how Donna might want to run her new browser project. Donna's not looking for any new ideas, though. At least not from Trip.

Watch the Episode 2 Talked About Scene.

When Trip suggests they take a break from investing in the internet, the rest of the partners are thinking the same thing. Donna persuades them otherwise, but Trip's suggestions don't end there.

See what else Trip suggests to Donna, and more importantly, how Donna responds in this tense scene from Episode 2. Plus, watch the two-part season four premiere (no login required) available now on and AMC apps for mobile, Fire TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast.

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