How One Near-Tragedy "Creates a Gut Check" for Every Character

The secrets are snowballing and someone is going to break. Donna is a "dog with a bone" trying to sniff out what's really going on at Rover. Cameron is creating a wall between herself and Joe as her guilt of betraying him grows. Then there's Bos. Between his debt, lying to Diane, asking Cameron to betray Joe to help him, and creating a legal and unethical situation at Rover, Bos is about to snap.

Go Inside Episode 5 With the Cast and Creators

"He's leveraged so much, and mortgaged so much in his life, he can't take it. He just shuts down," explains Toby Huss. But Bos's heart attack sets off a chain of events for Donna, Cameron, Joe and Gordon who are forced to think about their own lies, relationships, and mortality.

Hear the cast and creators go inside Bos's breaking point, and how it impacts the rest of the group in this behind-the-scenes look at episode 5. Plus, watch the latest episode of Halt and Catch Fire available now on and AMC apps for mobile, Fire TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast.

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