Cyborg vs. Robot!

There's something terribly wrong in Hollywood if they can't even make an hommage to low-budget drive-in garbage that doesn't cost damn near 60 million dollars. I haven't sat through Grindhouse yet, but judging from the commercials I've seen so far it looks like they've used an awful lot of CGI gimmickry to create ridiculously huge set pieces that are trying awfully hard to capture the dimestore variety of thrills that inspired the movie in the first place. But did they really need a nuclear weapons budget to accomplish what was created originally with firecrackers, gasoline cans and the kind of talent money can't buy? On the other hand, far away from the corporate grindhouse that grants bloated budgets to bubblegum movies, there is the eager fanbase that couldn't care less about which studio owns which franchise. And while there are some fans out there are busy making their DIY versions of Batman, Superman and Star Trek movies in their backyards, basements and hard drives, there are still other fans re-editing clips from existing films into trailers and even retrofitting footage into all new adventures. Michael Meyers? Jason? Hellraiser? Phantasm? Hell, let Evil Dead's Ash come chainsaw all of them to pieces in a mind-blowing movie mash-up! Sure, Jason met Freddy and the Alien and Predator found time for the salmagundi mambo in the modern day equivalent of Frankenstein vs. The Wolf Man, but let's face it -- there are a lot more horror and sci-fi characters out there who should be crossing studio contract boundaries and knocking each other's block off. And with that in mind, I present to you two of the all-time best recycled footage bash-a-thons you will ever lay eyes upon -- Terminator vs. Robocop, parts 1 and 2. Copyrights be damned, people; this is rock 'em, sock 'em robots taken to the next level!