Cast and Creators on What Gets Plum to Fight Back in Dietland Episode 5

Everybody dismisses Plum, but in Episode 5 she finally refuses to dismiss herself.

Why the change?

"She's tired of not being surprised by people," says Executive Producer Marti Noxon in a new video breaking down Episode 5.

Inside Episode 5

"The not-so-subtle method of the New Baptist Plan is just to continually expose Plum to ritual humiliations that go along with trying to conform to normal standards of behavior and beauty," says Noxon.

Plum's last straw is being forced to go out with a series of men who won't accept her.

When the one guy with potential dismisses and fetishizes her, that's all Plum can take.

"It goes just like she thought it would," says Joy Nash.

Click here to go inside the episode and hear about why Plum is finally fighting back.

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