Bob Odenkirk Discusses Saul; Odenkirk Appears on CarterMatt Globes Ballot

This week, Bob Odenkirk discusses Better Call Saul with Digital Trends and also appears on CarterMatt's Golden Globes dream ballot. Plus, AMC announces Season 2 will debut on Feb. 15. Read on for more:

• Bob Odenkirk tells Digital Trends, "I love the time jumps in the show. We can go anywhere. It’s an exploration of character. It’s as simple as that."

CarterMatt's dream Golden Globe ballot for the best actor in a drama series category gives an honorable mention to Bob Odenkirk.

HitFix reports that Season 2 will premiere on Feb. 15 and quotes Peter Gould saying, "Jimmy McGill's journey takes surprising, left-handed turns in season two of Better Call Saul. He goes to places we'd never, ever expected." Deadline also spotlights two new Season 2 photos.

NME lists nine reasons "why Better Call Saul is more addictive than crystal meth."

• Speaking with the Toronto Sun about W/ Bob and David, Bob Odenkirk says, "The biggest influence Mr. Show had was giving us tape of us being funny. It seemed to have influenced a lot of sketch comedy as well. I know Key and Peele cited it as something that inspired them."

The New York Times review of W/ Bob and David says the new series brings back Mr. Show With Bob and David's "hand-tooled comedy (and its title), abbreviated but still bizarrely funny."

• Bob Odenkirk tells Salon, "Probably a certain number of people are going to tune into [W/ Bob and David] and go, 'What’s Saul Goodman gonna do in the show?' and then immediately be disappointed and be like, 'I don’t even see the actor in here. Which one is he? Oh, that guy? No, that’s not him.'"

DVD Talk, reviewing the Season 1 Collector's Edition Blu-ray, notes that "Better Call Saul proved an immediate commercial and critical hit and for good reason: it's very compelling viewing."

NME spotlights the "hilarious" gag reel -- one of the extras on the newly-released DVD/Blu-ray -- from Better Call Saul Season 1.

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