Variety Names Saul One of Year's Best; Bob Odenkirk Talks to Uproxx

This week, Variety names Better Call Saul one of the year's best shows so far, while Bob Odenkirk talks to Uproxx about eventually saying goodbye to Jimmy. Plus, Entertainment Weekly writes in praise of Michael McKean's performance. Read on for more:

Variety names Better Call Saul one of the year's best shows so far: "Every year, the performances in this AMC drama grow richer and the character predicaments more complex, and this season was lent a special poignance by the unforgiving brother-vs-brother battle of Chuck versus Jimmy."

• Talking to Uproxx, Bob Odenkirk reveals, "I will and do already feel bad about saying goodbye to the very likable and, I think, good-hearted Jimmy McGill."

Entertainment Weekly praises Michael McKean, who was "blessed with a series of smartly conceived, deftly directed scenes that summed up his story" in the Season 3 finale.

• Examining Better Call Saul vs. Breaking Bad, NPR says that "comparing where Walter White and Jimmy McGill find themselves along their respective downward trajectories as of the three-season mark helps to clarify the two shows' shared narrative DNA — and to underscore their stark differences."

• Discussing Chuck's death with Forbes, Michael McKean explains, "We needed a crushing way for Jimmy to leave the planet and be replaced by Saul Goodman. I knew I was going to be a catalyst in that particular revolution."

Uproxx points out, "No character has benefited more from seeing his story unfold from his point of view than Jimmy McGill."

IndieWire discovers the challenges of building a Blockbuster Video set and learns from Gennifer Hutchison that she had Kim go to the store because "I just really loved the idea of her renting a bunch of videos and sitting around watching movies and eating junk food."

• Speaking with GoldDerby about Breaking Bad characters appearing on the show, Rhea Seehorn says, "People are there for a reason. They are there in situations that very much make sense that that’s how they must have met each other or come into each others’ worlds."

TV Overmind spotlights a fan-made video essay that explains why Better Call Saul is one of the best shows on TV ("It's as entertaining as it is inventive. It feels distinct, even in the so-called Golden Age of TV").

The Maine Edge interviews Rhea Seehorn, who says, "Sadly, all of the characters on the show think they are trying to do the right thing. It’s just that they are sadly mistaken on what the right thing really is."

Screen Rant lists all of Better Call Saul's "connections and characters to the Walter White crime odyssey."

Film School Rejects marvels that Better Call Saul "hasn’t just avoided the prequel curse, it has pretty much drawn the map for navigating a successful prequel."

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