TV Guide Ranks Better Call Saul One of TV's Best; Deadline on Bob Odenkirk Emmy Nod

This week, TV Guide ranks Better Call Saul as one of TV's best 100 shows, while Deadline discusses Bob Odenkirk's Emmy nod. Plus, Complex lauds Michael McKean's performance as Chuck. Read on for more:

TV Guide ranks Better Call Saul as one of the 100 best on TV right now: "This isn't just a Slippin' Jimmy sales pitch: Better Call Saul is every bit as good as Breaking Bad. In fact, as a study of one man's moral downfall, it's even better. No prequel has ever understood how to take advantage of being an origin story like Saul does."

Deadline, observes about the best drama actor Emmy race, "As Jimmy McGill in this Breaking Bad spinoff, he’s been nominated for each of Better Call Saul’s four eligible seasons, and he is probably the one here with the biggest fan factor. Is this finally his year?"

Complex applauds Michael McKean's Emmy nod, saying, "While [Bob] Odenkirk has been deservingly nominated several times, it’s great to see McKean be rewarded for his similarly vital work on the show."

TV Insider reports that Bob Odenkirk recently tweeted, "Wrap party of BCS Season 5 last night. A blast with the best cast ever. Great actors around me, and even better - Great People! Love ‘em" and included a selfie with much of the cast.

CarterMatt spotlights Giancarlo Esposito's tweet announcing that he's wrapping up Season 5 filming, noting, "Remember that Gus makes it through to Breaking Bad Season 4, so there is still some more story to tell with this character as Mike Ehrmantraut and Saul Goodman get involved within his operation to a certain extent."

Digital Trends calls Better Call Saul one of the best TV prequels, saying it "has lived up to its potential, presenting a story that is compelling on its own, but with plenty of Easter eggs and hidden details to get Breaking Bad fans excited."

PC Magazine reports that Better Call Saul — "a full-fledged breakout star of its own" — is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix this week.

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